The Hell is About to Break


By A Khokar  25 January 2009


The provocative drone attacks of U.S Special Forces in FATA area are —-on as ever. Most of the Pakistanis had a hope that probably with the incoming of new U.S. administration headed by President Barrack Hussein Obama; the overall situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan may take a different turn. But another drone missile attack on last Friday on Pakistani territory has totally dashed all such hopes of any change in U.S. policies on our western borders.


 The analysts say that biggest mistake Obama could make as president is to assume that American values or conduct are somehow superior to those of other countries, or that U.S. allies have greater rights than other countries. In other words, persisting in a foreign policy agenda that combines George W Bush like arrogance, ignorance and ordnance in a deadly combination would be his worst mistake.


In last one year alone, some two dozen drones’ attacks were carried out in FATA. This is a clear violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty. Hundreds of innocent men women and children are massacred by drone attacks and their houses and other properties destroyed. On every drone attack the present Pakistan government is always seen stun but prefers to remain mum on the incident. They usually resort to some verbal rhetoric of a condemnation statement which shamelessly gives an impression that it is being done with their nod or a wink. This playing down tactics has proved to be counter productive by any standards.


Surely the drone attacks on Pakistan may not stop till such time that Pakistan Armed Forces retaliate to bring the predators down every time that Pakistan’s air spaces are violated or the local FATA people may lay hand on some shoulder fired stinger type anti aircraft missiles to take care of these attacks or the drones launching facilities in Afghanistan are raided.


Presently drones attacks are being conducted on the pretext that some local affiliates are offering sanctuaries to the Al-Qaeda fugitives in FATA. In case, the FATA victims choose their action at their own and openly raise arms; surely they would be seen as the terrorists liable to receive more fierce beatings. Any such action amounts to declaring the entire FATA area a terrorist den, which is the prime aim of this whole U.S. exercise in order to develop their pretext further to move in to Pakistani territory being hostile and at war against the West..


It is the paradox that Pakistan finds itself in. It is lose-lose situ for Pakistan at both the end. But enough is enough and looks like that a hell is about to break in Pakistan on the western borders as well as in Islamabad.


 Habib jalib comes to mind:


Qatil kahaan badaltey hain Faqat Chehray badaltay hain

Ajab hey apna saffar keh Fasley bhi saath chaltey hain


I will try to translate to convey this message;


[My killers; they don’t change. Only their faces and flags are changed.

What a journey of mine? that my all the traversed spans and miles stones also travel with me]


50 thoughts on “The Hell is About to Break”

  1. Reportedly a sum of some 15 Billion US dollars has been accepted by Pakistan government in lieu of allowing US molestation and plundering of this nation for next ten years for which this sum will be paid yearly in parts for that duration.
    It means that for next 10 years; Zardari or no Zardari; whether this present government stays or not; Pakistan air spaces and land along with it peoples are open to ravage abuses by United States forces at their will.

    Musharraf struck a deal and drones are still plying with all their impunity and—– not to objet to this despoil— is probably part of the deal. With new deal; an upfront paid up deal, what will be the out come…. It’s any body’s guess

    [Please pardon me to say this say that it’s Red Lights area deal. While sitting in that Red Lights area (bazaar) you may not raise eye brows at the entry of odd visitors—–]

  2. There are three main elements symbolizing the act of terror in the on going war against terrorism and supposedly they are active along the western border of Pakistan pursuing their Jihadi movement.

    As per Media these groups are namely:

    • Al –Qaeda and its command members
    • The Taliban fighting for their freedom in Afghanistan and occasionally using the remote and un accessible area in FATA as their sanctuaries, etc.
    • The fake Taliban; Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) raised by CIA+ RAW mainly in Swat, Bajur area with the aim to challenge the writ of Pak government and destabilize Pakistan by suicidal bomb blast and killings.

    Primarily as per their declarations; all these groups are fighting the oppressive presence of US and her Allies in Afghanistan and want to make it sure that US onslaught found creeping toward their fortress of Islam– Pakistan is positively checked and effectively harnessed.

    There is a litmus test of geniality of their declared above cause:

    • Why should they indulge in any actions which render Pakistan a destabilized and a bankrupt country?
    • The mayhem and anarchy spread by them has caused a colossal flight of capital away from Pakistan. All the investment which could have brought the prosperity, peace and plenty in Pakistan are found withdrawn adding misery to daily life of masses.
    • Supposedly they operate in Afghanistan and allegedly their bases and sanctuaries in Pakistan are being targeted by drones attack: Have they carried out any such action which may result in stopping the drone attack? May these be the subversive attacks or raids on the Drone air strips along FATA area in Afghanistan or their any diplomatic moves that they made made for the needful?

    The answer for all the above is BIG NO. And the BIG QUESTION arises: Are these stooges working for Pakistan or against it?

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