The Future is Looking So Good


By A Khokar        17 November 2009

  I think gone are the days; Jab Khalil khan fakhtaa uraya kartay thay. I mean to say our military has got no more appetite to come back and mount on this nation— when in the past they use to come with their heavy boots and whip lash of NAB in their hands, flogging and flailing —–that even the soorma of the soormas politicians they will show their rears and take the very first available flight to vanish in the thin air—some where abroad.

Any how military is no more there in government but country is going through some testing times. The bye gone military regime did one thing good that they paved the ways and laid red carpets on it for Miss Democracy to come walking. And hurray—- today we have got Miss Democracy in the country and is swinging a high swing with the free wheeling Media. Mammaji of democracy sitting in the court of law after shedding its old skin of ‘hypocrisy and abetting’ is seen all out now to render a full protection to guard its chastity.

So—now democracy is here, and we have got free media and the free Judiciary to guard it. The military Masha Allah is busy cleansing the bad eggs from our society and we can be sure that they are achieving the desired goals to finally evict the menace of terrorism from this country— where ever it is found. Successes are there. The terrorism is seen breathing its last.

But I hope this nation will also be able to say good bye to the adopted extremism—– from our society that our Mullah jee keeps on inculcating it — and remains busy day and night in brain washing to keep the masses in his clutches. That may be our next goal.

The future is looking good and bright. There will be— hunky-dory all over and peace and serenity all around. Pakistan is indeed the new land of opportunities; of dreams…… … those dreams of the peoples are now–coming true.

  I am loving it…!


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