The Enemy With In

By A Khokar

The ‘in camera session’ held for the members of parliament has got lot many secrets to reveal. After listening to some of the participants who attended the session, it is not very difficult to ascertain that Pakistan is finding it self fixed in a real fiasco; that honey moon period of Love with United states proved to be very short lived and disastrous. Pakistan finds end up paying for it in terms of depletion of its  sovereignty and the raging flames of war creeping up to engulf the entire country. It is revealed that some where down the line our FATA policies with the involvement of CIA in Intelligence sharing, that we previously agreed to work together, has been ‘compromised’. This agency is  found reasonably successful in breaching our first line of sacred defences laid out by ISI. CIA during this time has been able to initiate and mobilize number of frightful subversive groups to work in side Pakistan.

Tehrik e Taliban (TTP) is one of them pitched against us in FATA area which is surely a failure in the fields of Intelligence services. The peoples responsible; all have been sleeping on the wheels, while this menace kept on growing. It is a colossal failure on the part of the Intelligence services working in the area. It is most unfortunate that now we have got our enemies grown with in our own home land. This Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is different from the original Taliban which is pitched against the occupant foreign forces in Afghanistan. Earlier Taliban with the connivance of Pakistan have been using their sanctuaries in FATA area to train, regroup, plan and execute their operations in side Afghanistan. They do not own this TTP group; where as this savage Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan is on CIA’s payroll and is now grown into a monster.

This fake and imitation of Original Taliban Tehrike is raised to simulate the actual Taliban with the aim:-

  • To act and simulate like original Taliban but carry out such subversive actions like attacking security forces, disrupt the normal working of government agencies, kidnap the security personal and beheading of the captured personals, burning the girl schools and destruction of Infrastructures, roads, bridges, banks and markets in order to disrupt the social fabrics in Pakistan.
  •  To carry out such works so as to defame the cause of original Taliban in Afghanistan.
  •  By means of Terror and violence this Tehrik has been directed to challenge the writ of government thus to destabilize Pakistan. In this field they have been seen successful to some extent.
  • To create anarchy, so that Pakistan is seen destabilized and vulnerable. A destabilized Pakistan is the desired objective and an ultimate aim which give America a pretext to make advances in side Pakistan to secure the so called vulnerable Pakistani nuclear assets and denuclearise Pakistan and call it an action done in the wider interest of global security.

If this Tehrik was an indigenous Tehrik, the ‘Litmus Test’ is that as a viable force they should be  working for Pakistan as under ground force to indulge in Jihad like operations across borders to see American going out from this area; as it was earlier in case of Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Rather they have been assigned different tasks by CIA along with Mossad and RAW of India. The stooges abetting TTP are also successful, even to find certain high positions in the government circles. TTP is bent to destabilise Pakistan through insurgency; so to make a wedge and claim the areas under their influence as their own territory.

It is worth noting that certain political parties like JUI and Jamat e Islami (JI) are the enablers here that they helped raised TTP and are also, a would be beneficiaries; provided their TTP succeeds. That is why, Fazlur of JUI or JI never condemned TTP actions rather they are seen fostering these forces. Some of the major TV channels like Geo TV are also in the grip of their clout and direct influence. After raising this Tehrik; CIA has also been able to spell an atmosphere of hatred for America among the general masses in FATA and Pakistan; which is on purpose. The military action thus carried out by Pak Army to quell the insurgency is labelled; … as Pakistan is fighting US war and at the same time the rhetoric of US pressure to do more; further exacerbates the situation. Drone attacks on the comparatively settled area of Waziristan are part of the CIA game to jeopardise it further.

Above are some of the Mechanics involved in the ‘War and Games’ on play in FATA that each and every Pakistani has to under stand and be clear in mind and in his or her conviction. Lets all stand united like an invincible strong wall to fight all the enemies of Pakistan growing with in our borders. Let’s not be bewildered or be deluded with the priestly appearances of TTP enchanters moving around among us; in government circles or on TV Channels in the media.  There are Satan disguised as priests exploiting the peculiar religious psyche of the Pakistani ignorant masses and busy disintegrating our beloved land using religion as their favoured  weapon of violence. Nobody is serving God or Islam here, except they are pursuing their rapacious greed for personal gains. Lets us pluck them out and throw them out of this Land of Pure- the Pakistan.

Habib Jalib long ago said for such like people: Apney naheen Logo ; yeh Lagharaay, yeh Mazharay ?