The Bombshell of Faisal Shahzad may Not be the Last in the Series






Faisal Shahzad, the suspect Times Square “Bomber” arrested in connection with attempted terrorist attack using a car bomb.




By A Khokar   May 07, 2010


The entire year of 2009 can be said that it was a year full of turmoil for Pakistan. With the arrival of New Year 2010, there started blowing a different type of breeze. During three month preceding April; it could be felt that a mark reduction in suicidal actions; rather by now it was reduced to minimum. In troubled Fata area like FATA; Waziristan, Military seems to be in full control.

 Mean while Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani had gone to Washington for US nuclear conference. The man was received very well in the international community. Pak Army was also praised for their valour and effective operation. The courage and sacrifices for fighting the war against terror; Pakistani nation was being counted as the most resilient and stead fast in the face of terrorism. All over a sense of appreciation helped building up of a good Pakistani image.

Conference showed a confidence in Pakistan that its nuclear assets were safe and being very well guarded. President Obama also issued a very encouraging statement and vouch safe for the security of nuclear weapon that once this used to be a matter of contention and international community feared that somehow terrorist will take over these weapon… and it may cause a mass destruction especially in the cities of western world….but now this perception was seen totally fading out. So well, so good- it was all looking a hanky-dory.

But it was simply a matter of Prime Minister Entourage reaching back home that everything started going topsy-turvy… as some ghosts of terror had revisited Pakistan.

All of a sudden the suicidal attacks were increased in many fold; jolting almost every major city and repeating scenes of devastation and carnage everywhere. Even the places like Swaat and Malakand where peace was guaranteed by Army after a successful completion of operation Rah e Rast; There it also brought a news of utter suicidal carnage.

 This carnage did not come alone; the UN Team report of BB Assassination also came along as a bomb shell. UN Report graded Pakistan as the most inefficient country governed by nincompoop and inept stooges who invariably failed to save guard their most revered and beloved leader Ms Benazir Bhutto back in December 2007. Pak army and its intelligence forces that are envied even by the top intelligence organisation of the world for their excellent demonstrated performances were grossly under mined in this report and their executive singled out by name. They are degraded and are named and shamed. This is also worth noticing that why President Asif Ali Zardari asked UN team to delay this report till such time Prime Minister arrives back home from Washington.

Mean while a head line report came that TTP commander Hakim Ullah Mahsud since reported killed in US Drone attach some months back is back on the scene, alive. He issued a dire warning in his latest video to the Pak army hold them responsible for all the consequences. He specifically announced that now TTP will be attacking right at heart of America in New York and Washington cities. Soon after this a former  ISI  Officer Khalid Khwaja who reportedly had gone to see Taliban top commander was killed by Taliban for spying for American and his body was left on the road side. A hatred for American was evident.

 As this all was not enough that a new bombshell of New York, Time square bombing plot by a Pakistani born Faisal Shahzad is dropped. With a speed of electric he was traced out and very dramatically was disembarked right at the tarmac from the plane ready to take off for Dubai. Although this wss just a fire cracker crude sort of bomb but it did make the head line news high lighting with reference to Shahzad’s previous visits to Pakistan.

In the tantalizing episode to fill the series of disasters comes with another bombshell; indicting Pakistan as well as the Pakistani born; Amir Ajmal kassab,  the lone survivor of Mumbai attack of 26/11; he is awarded a death penality for waging a war against India and carrying out an indiscriminate carnage killing some 56 persons by himself alone.

Are these occurrences just incidental and they kept on falling in place just one after other by chance but one is bound to think that where do they lead us to?

We will be morbid fools not to comprehend that above all incidents are released or made to happen as per some measured plan and all the acts/ events and incidents are pointing to one single direction—-Pakistan;

·         That terrorism is potent as ever. It is alive’ and Pakistan remains the epicentre of the terrorism,


·         Recent clip in this episode — the cracker bomb plot by Faisal Shazad at Time square is seen expanding the radius of terrorism and strengthens this idea that after Al Qaeda, TTP has the capability to execute and control the operations abroad even in United States from the soil of Pakistan.


·         This also leaves an impression that Pak Armed forces are finding themselves bogged down while pitched against TTP and may not be in full command and control in the country. It shows their inability which means that Nuclear weapon remain vulnerable and up for the grab.


Whereas the entire picture seems bleak; the recent orchestration of Bombshell of Faisal Shahzad the latest segment in the episode may not be the Last in the Series