The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born

 By A Khokar   15 August 2009

This was 14 August, our Independence day.  Day passed hung between despair and hope—in tears and laughter, full of emotions and enthusiasm. I was thinking that Pakistan is an Ideological State. The theorist set forth the rules that in ideological states it is a system of beliefs or ideas which, operates through “ideological State apparatuses” like schools, media, judicial and legislative institutions, etc to governs the lives of its people. This system constructs a specific illusory “reality” that masks any other existing and preferred socio-cultural contradictions found around the world in other nations.


Pakistan carries a specific ideology carved by the founder of our nation— Quid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who created this unique land for we Pakistanis in pursuance of the dreams once built by Sha-er e Mushriq, the poet of dignity and Inspirations— Ilamma Muhammad Iqbal. In the light of guide lines given by the founder the power relationship of ideology is wielded by the patriotic “national ruling bloc” and its Constitution set on the foot prints of founder’s directions. Ideology factor in Pakistan is affected at its grass root level not only by its ideological force but also by the consent of the ruled living in this dreamland.


In any new born nation first few decades— is the most crucial period of their infancy in their history and nations remain vulnerable to their internal and external threats. All the countries found on ideological base have many more enemies to face. Ironically, Pakistan has been attacked thrice by our eastern neighbour— to run it over and with the aim to subjugate us. Western borders are equally under constant threats of subversive activities directed by our enemies against the integrity of Pakistan.


The armed Forces of Pakistan consider themselves’ the cream of the nation and the patriot saviour of this country. They strongly believe that they are the only force which can uphold the integrity of this nation.


They find that the politician when ever have the rein of this country in their hands were found playing up with the country and its assets. They invariably saw them discriminating the poor masses and indulging in plundering and looting of national assets. Almost all the top line politicians are known to have amassed their wealth abroad along with their estate and properties. Europe and especially London happens to be the favourite resort of these fugitives.


Pak armed Forces are the strong fifth largest Army in the world. But the perpetual and unending state of political anarchy found in the country has been a matter of concern for the strong military command and they have always found themselves in very awkward situation. Being the guardian of the nation this can be said that they had the wish that country be run fairly and with their consent. But prevalent chaos and desperation has often forced them to take the rein of this country in their own hand. General Ayub khan, Zia Ul Haq and later General Pervez Musharraf, they all took over the rein of this nation amid acute chaos and confusion created by the politicians. They had the earnest desire to bring about the basic changes in the society and put this nation on a progressive track.


After every take over they always got hold of special technocrats, who could bring the required changes in society. Although under military regimes, democracy and political life has never flourished— rather it suffered acute setbacks on international level but country invariably progressed leaps and bounds under military regimes in all other fields otherwise.


General Pervez Musharraf chalked out a specific programme and spent some 8 years to build this nation on his planned lines and when he saw that his product was ripe and ready, he planned to hand over and genuinely he did so. But somehow, this has wilfully been labelled by taking over parties otherwise. Hand over was correct but the man had sensed the ulterior motive of people who were taking over and his 3rd November emergency case is specially hyped up to tick the man on constitutional default and to charge him for  treason. Strange enough— no judicial or political circle is levelling up a case or has objected to his initial take over in 1999 or his other subsequent legislations and presidential orders.


Unfortunately under the circumstance prior to his departure, somehow his 3rd November action could not be duly ratified by the parliament. Otherwise he could have not been challenged. Fore going of all other actions of his takeover in Supreme Court recent judgement and Charging him for his ‘only’ vulnerability of 3rd November is a sheer absurdity. In between the lines of the verdict of Judgment— only the keen eye will find that where as this judgement is political motivated, vindictive and a self serving judgement to save the skin of other abetting parties; but on ground—- Musharraf action of 3rd November of declaring emergency is mere an outcome of his desperation and mistrust for denying an exit to the man and not an act of treason by any standard.


Civil-Military Joint Ventured government is the only solution.

To run some smear campaigns or to malign our Army and its generals or level up the cases of treason against them are not justified because they believe to be the patriot and sole and sincere saviours of this nation. They are not the one who may commit any treason. They know how to lay their lives for the sake of this nation and they do so. These smear campaigns may end up as futile efforts. These practices are sheer absurdity and utter miscalculation on the part of certain groups with their vested interests. It wouldn’t lead us no where till we find such patriot and maestros among politician who can also come up at par and level up to the demonstrated ambitions of Army Generals and can demonstrate the capability of leading this nation from the front. But it is for sure that ‘those beautiful ones are not yet born’.


Pak armed Forces are the sole saviour of this nation. They deserve not to be isolated or left out in the cold. It is evident that our Military has also attained good skills and mastery in civil affairs and when we find now that our foundations are crumbling in real sense; —— wisdom must prevail.


Under the circumstance this country can only be best run on the bases of ‘Civil-Military Joint Ventured Government’ only. Military can be given a specific portfolio like Defence Ministry for the time being in government —- and why not?


Otherwise Choudhary Shujahat of PML-Q will prove right to say that no Judgement or legislation may put a stop or deter the move of ‘one Jeep and two trucks’ of military to come and take over in the future.


Jab bhi chamman ko zarrorut parri, Khoon e jigar Humara lutta

Ab yeh kehtay hain; chamman Humara hey; Tumhara naheen