Thanks All: a personal note


I thank all my near and dears, who have been praying for a successful cataract removal operation of mine.
With Allah’s blessings and their kind prayers; Alhamdo Lillah; it all went very well. Thanks for the well wishing messages, emails, cards and flowers bouquets received from friends and family.

It took some four hours in its preparatory stage of operation to dilate, enlarge the eye and to make it freeze by local anasthesia. It is no good an experience when the opaque lens  is broken, shattered by means of ultra sound, drill machine like burst inside your eye; that too when you are all awake. No pains but there is an err feelings all along.

For a while it was felt as my little lens was saying no to its breakage but then a sigh of relief was felt which ended with applause by operating staff and the surgeon— that it was done.

The removal of the broken pieces in from the eye lens sack looks bit tricky but it was eventually done. The insertion of new intraocular lens to make it home inside my eye was easy.

I well come my new lens at its new home and wish it a happy stay ever.

At the same time; in a way I feel sorry for the other eye which used to make me see all the good of this universe when this one was finding its vision bit blur. Apparently; the new lens Masha Allah has made the eye so lot better and scenes around are so vivid that other is seen relegated to a second position.

Yeh in a year time; I think. God willing it will come at par.

Once again thanks all

With lots of love and warmest Regards to all.

A Khokar