Takmeel e Pakistan: A day of reckoning for the youth



By A Khokar


Pakistan is passing through the testing times in its history where country is in the grip of religious extremism, a self inflicting and never ending war on terrorism, corruption and bad governance; the entire society is seen dipping deep in the swamps of anarchy and disillusion. The lawlessness, poverty, oppression and wide spread killing of innocents by the forces of darkness and evil are ruling the streets of Pakistan.

 Kabhi  Rehmatain  thee nazal es khita e zameen per

Wohi khita e zameen hey keh Azzab otter rahey hain

 The people are forced to think that to what avail this dawn of democracy is, that they were so desperate for. Better the gone days of dictatorship that at least there was some security for their families and order in the society.

They say that when you find yourself down and with nothing; God is certainly up to something. Amid all this chaos, despair and utter confusion- There is a glimmer of hope in sight. There is day of 23rd March 2010; the Pakistan day—just ahead.

The valiant youth of this nation have organised to celebrate this auspice day as the day of Takmeel-e-Pakistan. Takmeel e Pakistan is a movement that calls for the full realization of Iqbal’s dream – for making Pakistan what our forefathers intended it to be when they passed the Pakistan Resolution on March 23rd 1940. This movement believes that we have achieved the first part of this dream, the creation of the nation-state of Pakistan. Since then, we’ve been let down by our leaders, our politicians, and the subsequent generations who arguably became complacent and lost their way. Now is the time for realization of ‘Pakistan’.

Insha Allah on 23rd March 2010 the valiant Youth of this nation will gather for a grand occasion to celebrate the day of Pakistan at Minar e Pakistan-Lahore.

The organisers of this movement are poised to bring us a message of hope, of Pakistan’s relevance in times to come forward with their resolve to show their resilience against all the threats that they are facing in order to achieve their goals and misgiving being spread against them. They see these premonitions seen coming from certain religious organisations and others whose businesses is flourishing in the current state of anarchy in the country.

But one thing is for sure that when the enemies start assailing with their sharp tongues and their atrocious strikes are seen on increase; that is the sign that your victory is drawn much nearer.

This movement of Takmeel e Pakistan feels that time for youth of Pakistan has come. Insha Allah the youth will rise to the occasion against all those who have for last 60 years predicted the fall of this great nation and have worked to destroy and shatter their dream— of peace and progress in their lives.

Insha’Allah, there’s the brightest of futures for Pakistan, be a part of it. And there is dignity and glory in it for all. It is always darkest before dawn. Movement of Takmeel e Pakistan is an effort to revive the honour and dignity of this nation as well as the lost glory of Islam.

Many of the renowned national figures from all the walk of life will be attending this event to grace the occasion at Minar e Pakistan Lahore on 23 March 2010 from 10 AM to 12AM


A new resolution called Takmeel-e-Pakistan proposed by Syed Zaid Hamid who is the head of this movement Takmeel e Pakistan is going to be passed on same place, the Minar-e-Pakistan where 70 years back Pakistan resolution was passed and resulted in the current existence of Pakistan as a country on world map.

The idea is that ‘Takmeel-e-Pakistan Resolution’ will be initiating the Takmeel-e-Pakistan movement which will come up with a new struggle to lead the country towards the achievement and the true essence of those purposes which Pakistan as a country had to achieve.

This resolution comes up with the vision to work only and only for the country to make Pakistan the one of the greatest country of the world. Apparently it demands us to analyze things regarding why as a nation Pakistan is having bad times, why we are unstable at the moment, why instead of rising on map of world we are being pushed backwards and then after we have all our reasons start the struggle to rise on the map of world.

The resolution insists on the struggle to regain our lost Honour and Dignity that we were suppose to have. Also it insists on the struggle to make the Pakistan the country which Hazrat Alama Iqbal and the founder of this nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah had envisaged.


This is the most inspiring and loving idea of Takmeel-e-Pakistan as it makes us think that there are things which are found on wrong track, things which need to be fixed once and for all. This idea must reminds everyone once again that there is some role that every one of us has to play once again for our dream land which we Love so much and is the only source of our honour and the dignity.

Hope this D-day does not come as mere a bunch of wishes but also brings up a road map which one can follow and solid lines of actions  with reasoning on what is wrong and how it can be fixed. Overall it is just a reminder for everyone to keep putting your efforts to strive hard to lead our country to the path which leads to towards the prosperity and not the one where we find ourselves ditched in the swamps where even our sovereignty is in question.


 Movement is seeing this pledge and initiation of Takmeel-e-Pakistan struggle as a new horizon which will Insha Allah leads the country towards the heights of the best in the world in all fields.

A specially website have also been launched in connection to this campaign and that can be reached at www.takmeel.pk

Every heart which beats with the rhythm that has a craving for Pakistan and every soul which breathe the air of its freedom are cordially invited to come forward and join this sacred movement.

Pakistan Paindabad

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