Tahafuz e Namous e Rissalat; For What?


By A Khokar      December 26, 2010

On 24 December country wide rallies were staged by the politico-Religious groups in favour of Blasphemy law that it should remain intact because it guarantees the required Tahafuz e Namous e Rissalat (Defending the prophet Hood of Muhammad (pbuh)) and warned that any proposed amendment made in the law by the government will be consequential.

But it is amazing that prophet hood of Muhammad (pbuh) is required to be protected and defended in a Muslim country which has about 96+% of its populations of staunch conservative Muslims?

 May be that the remaining 4% of population which constitute of minorities; are the ferocious, outlawed hooligans and now and then keep on disrupting the peace and serenity of the society by their act of arson, killing and looting? But; reportedly this minority consists of Christians who mostly do the menial jobs, Hindus, a small section of Sikhs and others along with the Ahmadiyya sect who were thrown beyond the pale of Islam as third class citizen. All of them happen to be the most docile and law abiding citizens busy struggling to meet the ends of their daily lives.

We find that Blasphemy laws with its death sentence makes it the cruellest of the laws that one could ever think of, are already in place to deal with any such adventurist, who may dare violating or trespassing the limits prescribed. But what is the aim of having such a cruellest of law?

It is well known that reportedly this law has always been exercised in registering the numerous cases where the rivals have to score their own ends. As under the provision of the law, it is very easy to book someone by giving, mere a statement by any Plaintiff in the courts against a person especially a non Muslim that he was seen for instance, reciting Muslim Holy Book of Quran or have exchanged the common Muslim greetings; Aslamo alaikum, specific to Muslims and thus his religious sentiments are hurt. Hundreds of cases are laying pending judgment and persons charged are sitting behind the bars.

Lately under the pressing circumstances government gave inkling that this law was too cruel. It is being misused and be amended. All the hue and cry of the rallying forces head by the Islamic parties like JI and JUI has joined hands to resist any such amendment and even threatened to create a country wide law and order situation.

At the moment one can find that this Blasphemy law is turned into ‘Islam specific lethal weapon’ which is seen in the sole possession of the political oriented clergy; ….. And this most dangerous weapon ever wielded in the hand of Mullah has turned him into an savage exterminator. He is using it against every opponent of his, the way he feels like— even is challenging the present government and black mailing it.

 But if we are unwilling to repeal it; in the fairness of the business, it would be most appropriate that subject protection sought is extended to all the other Divine prophets too. And why not? If 96+% of majority requires a protection law for their own concern, the best option would be that; better ‘Amend it in order to Extent it to all the other divine prophets’ too. That God also says that in the eyes of God all the prophets are equal and He makes no distinction between them.’

The Quran says:

Al-Nisa[4:152] “ And as for those who believe in Allah and in all of His Messengers and make no distinction between any of them, these are they whom He will soon give their rewards. And Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.”

 Al Baqarah[2-285]:”This Messenger of Ours believes in that which has been revealed to him from his Lord, and so do the believers: all of them believe in Allah, and in His angels, and in His Books, and in His Messengers, saying, ‘We make no distinction between any of His Messengers;’ and they say, ‘We hear, and we obey. We implore Thy forgiveness, O our Lord, and to Thee is the returning.”


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