Spicing it Up with the Blood Brothers Theory









The map shown by Altaf Hussain MQM, during his Press Conference with redrawn borders arrangement of Pakistan is not something new that we may have come across. This is a known conspiracy theory which is said to be breeding in Pakistan. In fact he is referring to an old known puke spewed once by one ex-US spy, a Neocons think tank and columnist (Major) Ralph Peters who keeps on coming up with such like theories as how to exploit the available potentials in the world and how America as a super power can bring the territories of the world especially full of enriched economic minerals in US fold and control; while US as a sole Super power enjoys the heydays of so Called Golden US era to bring the World in their Control.

Altaf Hussain has tried to massage this theory to include in his press conference in order to spice his press conference up and divert the public attention from the strings of some very serious allegations since leveled up against MQM for creation of anarchy in Karachi.

This map was first published under the caption; ‘Blood Borders; How a better Middle East would look’; in ‘US Defense Journal’ in June 2006, when Ralph Peters floated the idea that after the World War II when the colonial Empires era also terminated and before vacation of their occupied territories, the Colonial tyrants drew the maps of the occupied territories. New countries were made to emerge in Africa and especially in Middle East which includes Pakistan in the subcontinent India. This new carving is said to be the outcome of a cunning scheme of a British General Winston Churchill who at the end of the British colonial Empire intentionally divided some of the countries in order to create rift among the Middle Eastern creeds and tribes and to sow seeds of hatred among them to prevent their reunion and possibility of any re-emergence for the renaissance of Islam. They literally embed this phenomenon to set the vested pretext for the future which may also avail the West the opportunity to revisit these territories, may as their arbitrators. For instance territory where Kurds dwell in Middle East was divided between four different countries; namely Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran. This was to break the old Islamic myth of their Great Muslim General, warrior and Leader Sultan Saladin Aube who comes from Kirkuk area of Kurds. Likewise Pashtun the most potent force on the planet were divided among three different countries in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.

Whereas Ralph peter as a Neocons think tank has presented the case for the exploitation of this potential of Blood Brothers in Middle East as a sure recipe to create chaos in these countries and to intervene in the name of peace and security to keep this region in their fold and control for the times to come. Many other adventurists have also since build upon this potential to enlarge its extent and we see that presently how those theories under the given Ralph Peters guide lines are successfully being implemented and executed through the subversive plans by the CIA in front of us, where by Middle Eastern countries, Iran and specially Pakistan are subjected to this western designed Armageddon very successfully and how we the subjects; the simpleton Muslim lot are inculcated with these theories to fell prey to Western onslaught.

But the Pakistanis… finding itself subjected to the prevalent wide spread turmoil in the country and  aggrieved they may be—- but this most resilient nation may not be taken as bereft or so bereaved that they may not know all these webs and designs being weaved around them and fell prey to such conspiracies.

I must add that;

1. Previously Zulfiqar Mirza brought to surface a letter written by Altaf Hussain which he wrote to British Prime Minister Tony Blair asking him of the intervention in politic of Pakistan, even elimination of ISI and demanding of some perks in return but none of the authority in our country has come up with any kind of objection to writing a letter to a foreign government by a Pakistani Citizen. I know of the Logan Act of United States that this becomes a criminal behaviour under the law and a violation of the act which prohibits citizen from conducting foreign relations without authority.
I wonder why in Pakistan there is no such enforcement of law.

2.  Lately Altaf Hussain has used this out of context the map drawn by some lunatic Ralph Peters that I made it topic of my post.

It is so disgusting to note that how low our politics has travelled and how these Madaries are spinning the history. They are blinded by their arrogance and keep on volleying very cheap shots for score settlings.

For instance Altaf Hussain has used this map to call a shot; possibly no one may be challenging him and this map may be a thin and deeply flawed description of the narrative for petty attack on others but very cunningly he has build a perception  out of it and will be using it  as a tool for time to come.

Yeh Aoonchay perr kaisay hean; kaheen saya naheen kartay



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