Sleeping with the Enemy

Khyber Pass Saga; where Betrayal is the Norm
By A Khokar  • Nov 7th, 2008 • Category: Politics • (3,918 views) • 

The mysterious and magical Indo-Pak land of dazzling beauty and exotic charms is fenced in the north by the towering snow caped heights of Himalayas stretched for thousands of miles from west to east. These towering heights, where have proved to be the defenders against any intruders from the north; they are also the source of the life in this land. The mountains abundantly bear the water for irrigation to maintain the livelihood in the vast spread fertile Plains down below. The cold iced waters gushing out from the snow caped mountains comes forth  roaring through the gorges and when it travels down in wide stretched plains of subcontinents; its flow becomes more calm. Indus, Ganges and Yamuna are the main rivers with many more ever flowing small rivers and tributaries to irrigate the sun scorched fields with the blue sky above usually bearing gentle winds laden with the monsoon like rains . Rivers are the life line for millions before this that they finally drain into Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea . Most of the people remain engaged in their profession as farming and its related industries. The land gives them abundance of food and various cash crops to maintain their lively hood and they remain contended. Nature has rarely been harsh punishing them except its angry rivers occasionally inundating the plains with the over spill of excessive water in monsoon season. The land is known as melting pot of many old civilizations of the world. It is particularly enriched with the old Buddhist and Vedic (Hindu) mythologies till such time that Islam dawned here with the final message of divinely light, knowledge and wisdom. The culture thus is full of mysteries and miracles. Present day, the land part of Pakistan is mostly populated with Muslims.

  Right from the ancient, the exotic charm, peace-n-plenty, the wealth and opulence; the serenity blessed by the God Almighty kneaded into its soils and its winds loaded with rains of boon and bounty have been the source of attraction for many foreign adventuress from the lands not so blessed, who came here in from its north-west to invade this land primarily with the aim to pillage and plunder.  Turks, Persian being the next door neighbours of India were the first to come and oppress the Indian docile masses and for centuries they kept extorting various taxes especially from Harappa (Indus valley) and Rajasthan. In older Eastern Europe, Aryans from across Iran and Caspian Sea were attracted to Turks and Persian wealth extorting ideas. They being the better artisan that they excelled Iranian and Turks in use of Iron and metals; in between 600 -700 BC they started landing in India and there after kept on exploiting the masses here for centuries. They were followed by Alexander the great. Later came, the Mahmoud of Ghazna, then Mongols and the Mogul who made India their second home till the time British’s came disguised as traders. The new intruder; British evicted all the previous land holders and ruled India for a long time.

  Most of the intruders have been descending in India, down hill from the various passes of Hindu Kush mountain ranges in the west. The Pir sir pass in Swat, the Khyber Pass, Touchy, Gomel and Bolan passes have been adopted as the ways in. The lands of present day Pakistan in its length and breadth inherit these passages carving the passages to India. There are great stories that every hill, the meadows and the riverine along these passes that carry our past, have to tell. There are also numerous other stories of so called cunning guardian of these passes in the hills. When the Intruders started pouring in; over the time on finding it that they could not put a stop on the passing invaders; the so called guardian started assisting them on their way to India on price. They also ambushed the same invaders for their share when they came back after plundering and laden with booty. Here the Afghan, the Pathans and Baluch that they still carry their arms slinging down from their shoulders and pose themselves as they are still on the same old watch. The people living at the mouth of these passes down the hill in plateaus of Pothawar, in  Jhung area and the tribes like Muries, Bugtis, Jamalis and Baluch; they all played active roles in relation to the frequent manoeuvering of invaders. There are long pertinent stories of their deceit and betrayal for paltry gains waged against their own people and emirates on their part that how they were easily lured in and assisted the powerful invaders. As how, they assisted in the know of the land, the intelligence about people for paltry gains and most of the times they used to abet the intruders in fear and for sparing their lives. people from this area have also been joining the invaders armies as their profession to show their loyalties and reap rewards. The invaders have never been shy in giving them the names as marshal race or king makers.  British were good at learning the lay of the land, the local history and psyche of the people. They treated the people most thoughtfully and hence ruled the subcontinent more fearlessly for long hundred fifty years.

 History tells us that from the times of Alexander (the great); the old Kamboja clans of present day Swat, Buner, Bajur and Kafiristan area were known as Massaga Fighters; they were the most ferocious people. They were known as the excellent horse breeders and expert cavalry men who often rented their cavalry services as mercenaries. The strong hold of Massaga at Pir sar pass held by invincible ‘Assascini tribes’ guarded the routes in to Ghandharian dynasty. It was the most difficult for any invader to conquer. In order to cross over; Alexander has to resort to the political stratagem and action of betrayals by luring in the opponents of Assascenis tribe commanding the forts. These mercenaries were used by Alexander to carry out a carnage to scale down all the defences. All the living soul; men, women and children were massacred, even who surrendered were also killed. It is said that during this Massaga debacle, after the death of their chieftain; women under the command of the Queen ’Cleophis (Kripa) also fought very bravely for their honour till last. Alexander monuments of victory and signs of betrayal of local mercenaries are still found in the area of Massaga and Ora. After a brutal conquering, Massaga area was renamed with the Greek name; Aoronos (a legendry Greek lake). No wonder present day, Pakistan has to put up with such like mercenaries and hypocrites having the same old lineament and their same act of treason; which is still prevalent and commonly persuade in the area by the group of people like Tehrik e Taliban. The acts of treason, greed and betrayal toward their mother land for sake of perks and largess are common practices as ever. For them the only change is that flags of invaders keep on changing.

  But the time has been fleeting by. The last century could see some two major world wars but after WWII and the subsequent retreat of Colonial Powers mainly from Asia and Africa; the prospect of worldly out look has changed altogether. Especially at the turn of this century; a new era has emerged and prospect of life and culture is seen indulging in a phenomenal transformation. Presently, it is an era of people who possess ‘Energy resources’ and bear the knowledge and ability to ‘Innovate’. The nations with the innovations and technology and with the ability to transfer it into military might may stay above the rest. The nations with the monopoly of these traits have also learnt how to spread their wings to achieve their hegemony in the lands with energy resources. The tactful planning, brinkman ship, covert actions and deceit and deception are their enabling tools. US the sole super power and other western powers are exercising their mighty muscles for subjugation of Middle Eastern nations and Central Asia. The entire Middle East the source of world prime energy oil and gas has been turned into mega US military bases. Up in the north of Middle East; the country of Afghanistan, the cross link land of energy transportation between Middle Eat and central Asia is in full occupation of United States. Yet an other country in the east of Afghanistan– Pakistan; the most strategically vantage land; for this land snooze are being tightened to bring it in US fold and turn into the world prime central command of United States. Pakistan may prove ‘a home away from home’ for United States. Its geographical proximity may also help USA to keep a check on the other emerging powers in this area like; China and India. As the current plans are unfolding; at least the Pakistanis next many generations are likely to see lot of turmoil, destruction, massacre and anarchy in their country. If wisdom is not shown and appropriate remedial measures are not under taken; the future is certainly looking very bleak.

 In the North Western Frontier of Pakistan; this is an open secret that on our western borders in the ‘Global war against Terror’, the ISI of Pakistan has met a colossal defeat in terms of breach of its intelligence defences, right in the face of superior manipulation by CIA. ISI plan are found totally compromised. Pakistan has failed in checking the CIA infiltration. Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan a brain child of CIA is successfully raised in FATA area with the CIA’s payouts of huge perks and sums pelted on the doors of medieval Mullahs who in return choose and agreed to topple and disintegrate Pakistan through spread of chaos and anarchy. Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has now grown into a monster on the ground and their cohorts are also seen influential in the government lobbies. No wonder; the enemy within—the Satan in priestly garbs are all out to take the Pakistan down. But in view of recent stern military actions being carried out in FATA area to retrieve the last grounds; there is a mark success and CIA plan are seen as frustrated and overturned. This Tehrik is sure in disarray. They have reached at the verge to surrender. Where as the Pak Army action are timely, this is the sole duty of our great armed forces that these stooges must be eliminated once for all, lest they duck down for a while and re-emerge with punitive revenge when military retreats or reduces its intensity. There is a mark success in Bajur district but Military action in North and South Waziristan seems to be in pipe line for ’second phase’, where reportedly in a secret arrangement; US drone attacks are the prelude awaiting major military moves of Pak Army to eliminate Taliban and denounce (Al Qaeda) supporters and its presence. In order to gain a clear bill of health for Pakistan on the international scene,[1] Pak army is capable enough of restoring the lost grace and honour of this nation. God willing; once again Pakistan will be portrayed as a versatile Blue star nation.

 It is also a proven fact that India has always displayed her archery at every stage to see Pakistan disintegrated. CIA and India have previously created enough anarchy by fuelling the separatist movements in two Pakistani provinces i.e. in NWFP and Baluchistan. The prevalent chaos and turmoil in country also justify western case against Pakistan’s nuclear assets. This may also serve as pretext and prelude for US to move into Pakistan and occupy this land to serve her dreams of Imperialistic designs. But fact remains that the imminent threat to Pakistan’s security comes from Islamic terrorists breeding with in rather than from arch-rival India. 

Against all the odds; Pakistanis ought to be united into a compact mass. The power of evil working against Pakistan may also serve as a cohesive force that must bind us together that such like activity of human cohesiveness invariably destroys the power of evil. Enemy thinks that by hammering upon the mass they will be able to break it in fragments, but they only make it more dense and impermeable than it was before.  These are the times; where history is testing…all of us. Pakistan and only Pakistan ought to be songs of our praise and prayers in our hearts. We only live; if Pakistan lives.


Love for all, Hatred for None

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1,591 thoughts on “Sleeping with the Enemy”

  1. Pak Army plan to tackle North and south of Waziristan (FATA) in ‘second phase’ seems to be clever move of Pakistan. Particularly by postponing it, till Democrats come in power in USA; after all US new Democrats governors are also to be made happy by marking a final (victory) move against Al Qaeda. A well sought dream of victory of George W Bush in FATA against Al Qaeda is very conveniently being readied to be reaped by Barak Obama in future. (Pakistan is a proxy; its show goes on but at what costs? They say; Watane furokhtand; wa cheh arzaan furokhtand?)

    It is so frustrating. I wish that on ground situation was different or it was so promising that only by eradication of say; present day Taliban tehrik that Army is so much busy in her mission in down scaling it. Every thing would have become hunky dory.

    The most frustrating is that Pakistan as a whole is trekking the same line as of Tehrik e Taliban. Pakistanis love to act as US proxy and against all the odd simply stay as enablers and get paid. After all why we needed such a drastic actions now against this Tehrik e Taliban? What was going on when Pakistan as a government was playing in the hands of our enemy and we simply preferred to sleep on the wheels.

    The situation is certainly frustrating. I have done a research and tried to find out that why we behave like this and was horrified to find out that betrayal is inherent with us.(Ghurtee main parra hey) There is some thing in our history and these are the dictates of our land and prevalent environment that we live. We love serving others and never bother even to sacrifice the honour of even our own mother land. It is, frustrating so frustrating?

    Obaid ullah Aleem comes to mind. Where he says:

    Hum ney khulney na diya bay saro samani ko
    Kahan lay jain magar sheher ki weerani ko

    Siraf guftar say zakhmoun ka rafoo chahtay hain
    Yeh Siasat hey tou pher kiya kahain nadaani kou

    Ab Kahaan jaon keh ghar main bhi hoon Dushman Apna
    Aur bahar mera dushman hey negehbani ko

    Subh khilnay ke ho, ya sham bikhar janey ki
    Hum ney khushboo he kiya apni prayshani ko


  2. All the learned people of Pakistan know that as a national strategy; Pakistan is keeping the borders line (Durand line) between Pakistan and Afghanistan as porous in order to avail a national defense depth inside Afghanistan at least in Pashtun influenced enclave extending from FATA Pakistan to Jalalabad- Kabul and beyond; to fend India’s designs off.

    Having known this strategy; Fazlur while enjoying the hay days of previous JUI and JI government in NWFP province; he and his party along with Jammat e Islami have been busy in manipulating the affairs along the border line. CIA could well evaluate all this development and infiltrated their lines. After paying them the hefty perks these stooges were made as CIA honey buns and thus were made to yield on CIA dictates to hatch a Tehrik; named as Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan. The sole purpose of Tehrik was to destabilize the provincial government as well create a wide spread anarchy in the country. In order to hijack the Pakistani known national strategy the Pashtun clans were instigated under the disguise of enforcement of Sharia laws to declare a separate major Pashtun enclave as Emirate (from Fata to Kabul and beyond).

    At the eve of recent change of regime in Pakistan; that country political situation was very raw and fluid; the game was just to go out of Pakistan’s hand. A coop was about to come in play in FATA-NWFP…. when Pak army decided to move in to retrieve the lost grounds. The traitor ‘Fazlur- the Hypocrite was in charge of this treason to see Pakistan disintegrated and declare the new state as his Emirate.

    After Army action has gone in and situation on ground were seen in control; President Zardari rather than pin pointing the culprit; offered Fazlur the largesse’s in shape of ministerial posts and other fringe benefits to bring him and his cohorts in the National Assembly and Senate in his fold.

    They say that democratic form of government is the best form of government— but I think that Democracy is only for the people who are the patriots; the people; who really love their countries. To what avail is the democracy in Pakistan where traitors are offered even the ministries. Reportedly same card has been played in Baluchistan also to defuse another set of traitors group. But what happens if CIA pelts a bigger money sack at the door of Fazlur or Baluchis groups?
    The country is at the verge of bankruptcy and largesse’s are being dished out to the traitors.

    Is democracy really our cup of tea? No not at all….Forget it— till the time the people here do pledge their loyalty and initiate their oath of patriotism for this country.

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