Sharing Top Secrets of Pakistan in Camera

A Khokar

In the absence of Patriotic act that people in Pakistan are used to defy the rules and the constitution; not all but there are certain groups in Pakistan; whose allegiance with Pakistani Flag is doubtful. Reportedly; every body in the parliament is being called to come to attend the Joint Parliament Session in camera and share the TOP Secrets of Pakistan; probably with the aim to show them that how vulnerable: Pakistan is? There are certain political parties who have vehemently been pursuing the anti Pakistani activities; like Jammat e Islami and JUI of Fazlur that they were instrumental in establishing the Anti Pakistan Tehrik; Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan and they still support them. There are other parties those are committed to support the separatist movements in Baluchistan like Baluchistan Liberation army as well as Baluchistan Conservative Army and that they are now in government.

None of these political parties and anti Pakistan organisations have openly renounced their evil designs. They have not repented at the ‘Altar of Pakistan’ of their subversive acts; nor they have told the truth that how they have been accepting the huge amounts from CIA and Indian agency Raw? Neither they have disarmed them selves nor declared their allegiance with Pakistan, openly. How come all such peoples are also being called for in camera session to share the Top Secret matters of Pakistan?

There are other major parties like Pakistan Muslim League (N) that in order to wade away the foreseen burden of enormous responsibilities falling on the shoulders of new government; they left the PPP alone on purpose to deal with the precarious state of affairs; they very conveniently have opted out from coalition, on purpose, to stay away from providing the required leadership to see PPP failing. There are also other cohorts of Tehrik e Taliban found in the government ranks. They have never condemned the flagrant crimes being committed by TTP.

Unfortunately the history sheets of many participants are full of deceit, treason and betrayal. Possibly the session in the camera will be conducted and may point out the salient that how:-

  • CIA has been dishing out the monies in Pakistan and that there are people sitting right among us, who accepted monies, weapons and other equipment to work against Pakistan to derail the country.
  • The Armed Forces plans to conduct their operations. How they may fight the terrorists to establish writ of government in troubled areas and what are the Military limitations.
  • The Long list of other Pakistan’s vulnerabilities.
  • The Nuclear assets, their details and their possible use.
  • That state of Pakistan’s economy which is at the brink of collapse.
  • That how best to befriend; America for safe sailing in the face of US tyranny.
  • Etc, etc, etc.

It seems like a dangerous and absurd game to give away the secrets. But… at the same time; I do hope that basic principle of dissemination of information and intelligence will be kept in mind that only that portion of information is disseminated which is essential and definitely required by the other side.

Any how administering the pledge of Allegiance to Pakistani flag is an oath of loyalty to the country which may be more important than any thing else at this occasion.

*Ab Kahaan Jaoon; keh ghar main bhi hoan dushman apna

*Aur  bahir  mera  Dushman  hey;  Nageh-bani  ko ?


44 thoughts on “Sharing Top Secrets of Pakistan in Camera”

  1. When I wanted to write about this secret session; I was also perplexed that what are the secret that our government wants to share with members of the parliament and all other political forces? But it dawned later that we must know that some where down the line our FATA policies with the involvement of CIA in Intelligence sharing that we previously agreed to has been compromised and that CIA has been successful in infiltrating our lines. They have been able to mobilize a frightful movement in Pakistan as Tehrik e Taliban (TTP) to work against Pakistan which is surely a failure on Pakistan part.
    Mind you that TTP is different from the original Taliban. Taliban in Afghanistan have been earlier using FATA area to train, regroup, plan and execute their operations in side Afghanistan which they are still doing. Where as this Tehrik e Taliban is the fake, an imitation raised to simulate the actual Taliban with the aim:-
    • To act and propagate like original Taliban but carry out such subversive actions like beheading the captured persons, burning the girl schools and destruction of Infrastructures, roads, bridges, banks and markets in order to disrupt the social life.
    • To carry out such works so as to defame the cause of original Taliban.
    • By means of Terror and violence this Tehrik has been directed to challenge the writ of government thus to destabilize Pakistan. In this field they have been seen successful to some extent. A destabilized Pakistan is the wanted target for US to move in on the pretext of security to take charge and denuclearise Pakistan
    If this Tehrik was an indigenous Tehrik, the litmus test is that as a viable force they should be on Pakistan side and working for Pakistan as under ground force to indulge in Jihad like operations across borders to see American going out from this area; as it was in case of Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Rather they have been given a different line to destabilise Pakistan through insurgency and make a wedge to claim the areas as a reward under their influence as their own territory. (JUI and Jamat e Islami are the enabler here that they helped raised them and also the would be beneficiaries; provided TTP succeeds; that is why Fazlur or JI never condemned TTP actions.)
    After raising this Tehrik; CIA has also been able to spell an atmosphere of hatred for America among the general masses in FATA and Pakistan which is on purpose. The military action thus carried out by Pak Army to quell the insurgency is labelled; as Pakistan is fighting US war and at the same time the rhetoric of US pressure to do more; further exacerbates the situation. Drone attack on the comparatively settled area also jeopardises it further.
    These are the Mechanics of this war fare that each and every Pakistani has to under stand and be clear in mind and conviction. Lets all stand united like a invincible strong en-leaded wall for fight all the enemies out our this Land of Pure.
    I have an intuition that this camera business is based on to clarify this aspect and our people must be trained and inoculated on it very rigorously.
    No wonder Pakistanis are the notch above the rest. Pakistan Zindabad.

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