Be Warned; Pakistan is being Blackjacked.

 The NWFP main roads are splashed with Separatist Billboards 

BANNU-NWFP: (Report by A Khokar) On Indus high way a 40 feet wide bill board is found erected depicting the new map of Afghanistan which includes most of the NWFP province. Keeping in view the turbulent state of affairs of NWFP, the general masses may think that this bill board has been put up by some separatist group in defiance but pity is that under this pictorial map of new Afghanistan there is clearly written in Urdu; Hakumat e Pakistan say Mazoor shudda; means that this billboard is there with the approval of Government of Pakistan.

The mysterious billboards that have sprung up on the other main roads of NWFP [picture courtesy of BrassTack]  are also showing the map of a new country – Pashtunistan – with meticulously defined borders that incorporate most of northwestern Pakistan. The Pakistani Pashtun, the bravest and the most loyal subjects of the Pakistani state, are being pushed toward separatism with full speed. This ‘billboard campaign’ has to be the boldest statement of rebellion and separatism ever made in the history of nation-states anywhere in the world. Yet it’s business as usual in Islamabad.

After the provocative mysterious drone missiles attacks in Waziristan that daily drones sorties are killing score s of innocent people and are thus instigating the victims to rabble- rouse against the rulers in Islamabad. [Tang aamad wa ba-jang aamad ] and now here we have got—-this separatist billboards business? What is going on with my country? This is most despicable.

 Reportedly these boards are also seen fixed in the area like Luki marawat and on many other main roads in NWFP.  Is there any government in existence and effective in Pakistan or it is being staged all on purpose with the connivance of the stooge government in Islamabad. Looks like; the bitch guarding the house is in agreement with the dacoits [1].

Matter of the fact is that these Billboards have surely been erected by the Present NWFP government which is government of Awami National party . All the Pakistanis be warned and I must say again; be warned;—Say no to any coercion by threat as Pakistanis are being blackjacked (hijacked). This Awami National party is the same old party which has always sided with Soviet Union to seek their assistance in creation of  Pashtunistan. They have always been unsuccessful then but after this election; that having secured their anchorage at province and a grip on the governing seats of the realm of the NWFP; their real colour is coming out. Billboard of Pashtunistan are the glaring evidence.

Earlier CIA was backing  Tehrik e Taliban and they could create enough of anarchy in the country. Finding it an opportunity to expliot it further, the Awami National Party have abbeted  CIA and are getting the full assistance from CIA to exploit the present situation to disintegrate Pakistan and carve a new dream state— Pashtunistan extending from Indus river to Jalaabad-Kabul with its capital at Jalalabd. National Awami Party elders have never opted even to be buried in Pakistan. Khan Abdul Ghaffar khan known as  Bacha Khan was buried there in Jalalabad. This should be noted that on 21 September 2008 in a party Conference, named as ‘International Day of Peace’ ANP has named 2010 as Bacha khan year. These Bill boards are the out come of that conference.


[1] Kutee Chorraan naal milee vee hey

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