Saleem Shahzad: the man who knew too much

It is learnt that Saleem shahzad had a gunshot wound that he got few days back in a scuffle at a hotel and had some ribs broken and possibly lung punctured. It is generally believed that since man set off from home to go for an interview by Naseem Zohra at Dunya TV station. Soon after he left home, he was picked up. Since he did not reach TV station so it is believed that in order to bar him from giving yet another set of revelations that earlier man had spilled enough of beans in his Asia times article about Meharan Naval base fiasco; so possibly to bar him, ISI must have picked him up. They might have not killed him but in the process of manhandling of person to simply deny him to appear at TV station; owing to the chest wounds he was already suffering; he scum to those wounds plus the usual ISI thrashing…. Then is the ugly tale of disposal of his dead body which was ditched in canal near Jhelum and later found downstream at Rasul head works, some 150 kms away from his home near Mandi Bahudin.

This is one side of the story as we are lead to believe. But here, this may not be the case that only ISI be blamed to pick on him.

• What about the very people who attacked him earlier and left him wounded and on the day wether he was going to TV station or not; they had a repeat visit?

• What about the other intelligence agencies like IB and others or even the Islamabad Police?

• What about that he had already said in his article that he will be revealing next in Asia Times that how the militants of TTP, Al Qaeda and other Extremist groups are recruited and trained?

• If we believe that hirelings of TTP the brain child of CIA who work for CIA and are carrying out all sort of subversive acts on our land; they fearing their further exposures just eliminated the man.

• What about the simple fact leading to his elimination; that man knew too much?

Whatever the reasons:

 The death of Saleem Shahzad shows that if ‘Demoralization’, ‘Destabilization’, ‘Crisis (anarchy)’ and finally the ‘Surrender’ are the four stages of fall of a nation through subversion that Pakistan is subjected to….. Unfortunately Pakistan has crossed all the stages but one— where it has reached the point of— No Return.