Replay of Cambodian Horror and Destruction may not work in Pakistan

By A Khokar   July 5, 2010

Taliban can well be defined as the group which came in power after the end of Afghan war in Afghanistan. This group was weary of a trivial US byplay that their main benefactor, on the behest of whom they fought Afghan war and had very successfully defeated Soviet Union; it un-expectantly dumped them and took a flight.

 US abrupt back sliding became a bone of contention especially for the foreign ex-Mujahedeen group inside Taliban. Osama Bin Laden was one of the chieftains. Out of sheer desperation, bin Laden formed a new militant group and named it Al Qaeda. Supposedly this is the group which is said to have carried out the 9/11 attack on twin tower in New York in 2001.

 Keeping the above incident in focus, where Al Qaeda was declared US enemy; we may see that how; this scenario was blown up by Neocons into a greater concept of a ‘global war against terrorism’ that ever since the whole world and especially the region renamed as —the Greater Middle East is subjected to utter chaos, turmoil and destruction. US forcibly deposed Taliban government. Moved in Afghanistan and occupied this country. Ever since the deposed Taliban are at war, fighting for the freedom of their home land. Consequently; Taliban shifted their command headquarters to neighbouring countries; like Pakistan and Iran. Al Qaeda also went into hiding. Some of them migrated eastward and occupied the old abundant Mujahedeen sanctuaries in an inaccessible FATA area of Pakistan.

 Although in the attack on twin tower in New York just three or four buildings were affected and some 2983 people in total were killed but here in the Greater middle east region; US lead NATO forces while in chase of Al Qaeda and its chieftain Osama Bin Laden have massacred thousands and thousands of people by extensive bombardment and destroyed almost all the dwellings in suspected areas. One can see that all the civic infrastructure and amenities, whatever little Afghanistan had, is now reduced to rubbles.

 Some nine years have come to pass but in this exercise— US lead NATO forces could not find Bin Laden neither any one of his top Al Qaeda lieutenants; nor any one from the high command of Mullah Omer of Taliban– Non could be traced or caught—?

On the other hand CIA of US did something extra ordinary that while translating the U.S. military leaders appreciation that they cannot prevail in Afghanistan without escalating into Pakistan; considering it the strongest possible argument to go after Al Qaeda sanctuaries and also to remain at the tails of Taliban. Accordingly; a fake Taliban group called TTP (Tehrik e Taliban in Pakistan) is raised to carry out covert operations  and extend the war into Pakistan;  a policy eerily reminiscent of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger’s disastrous decision to widen the Vietnam War into Cambodia in 1969. Toeing the thread of George W Bush the Obama administration has already begun to escalate the fighting in Pakistan, a policy that could make even the Nixon-Kissinger destruction of Cambodia seem like a pleasant memory.

The subversive TTP force since raised in Pakistan is highly paid and sophisticatedly armed is assigned the tasks to carry out subversion suicidal attacks to undermine the security forces of Pakistan. Spread anarchy in the country and destabilize the country. Deplete Pakistan to the extent that Pakistan along with its military forces is compelled to submit to the wills and wishes of USA. On the account of countless subversive acts of TTP; blood of Hundreds is on TTP hands.

In Viet Nam war despite the horror of the Nixon-Kissinger destruction of Cambodia, it did indeed remain a “sideshow.” Today, it is Afghanistan which is the sideshow. Allowing Pakistan to become the main event would constitute the greatest U.S foreign policy error of the post-World War II era.

Drone attacks are another US Tactics to accelerate the provocation and instigate the peoples to rebel rouse against their present government as well as the Pakistani armed forces——-which is creating more terrorists and keeping the terrorism alive. The attack on Daata Darbar is yet another provocation to ignite a sectarian war in Pakistan and create an all out unrest and anarchy.

The nuclear-armed Pakistani giant stability must be clearly America’s very top priority in the region. Further instability in Pakistan would only benefit Al-Qaida, which has agreeably already made deep inroads into Pakistan and is unlikely to return to Afghanistan even if the U.S. withdraws from there. Former N.Y. Times correspondent Stephen Kinzer is right: “It should be engraved on the minds of every American diplomat: Do nothing that will further destabilize Pakistan”