Renowned Islamic scholar Dr Israr Ahmed is dead

LAHORE: The world of Islam lost a luminary early on Wednesday as Dr. Israr Ahmed breathed his last in Lahore, Pakistan. He died of a massive cardiac arrest, according to media reports. (Ina Lillah wa In alhey Rajahoun)

Subh Chamman main aik yahee Aftab thaEs  kay jased  khaki ko  ehzaz  say   utha 



A veteran Islamic scholar, Dr. Israr was suffering from back pain and heart disorders for a long time. His funeral prayers will be held on Wednesday in Lahore.

Dr. Israr was the head and founder of Tanzeem-e-Islami. He had a huge following in Pakistan, India and Gulf countries, especially in Saudi Arabia.

A medical doctor by profession, Dr. Israr was one of the founding members of the Jamaat-e-Islami.

He was popular for his lectures and TV debates over current Islamic issues and his grasp over Islamic history made him a front-ranking scholar of Islam but could not attain a due recognition in sect ridden society of Pakistan.

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