Religious Extremists: They are well come

On May 28, 2010 at Lahore 94 Ahmadies were put to death when they were offering Friday prayers in their Mosques. This was the third time; when Ahmadiyya Movement was used as scapegoat; this time by the religious extremists. Earlier Z A Bhutto, in order to become the Asian Maha leader and to have his nation and the opposition lined up behind him declared this movement as non-Muslims. General Zia ul haq sent Z A Bhutto down the gallows and became the Ameerul Momineen himself. He further issued the ordinances to seize their human rights as a free citizen and common Muslim in the street was allowed to kill Ahmadies; if he or she could find them posing as Muslims.

The religious Extremist who attacked Lahore Mosque of Ahmadies; we all know that how these religious Extremist while living among the masses have been breeding under the watch full eyes of doctrinarians of certain Madrasahs and are now turned to monsters. While playing in the hands of enemy of Pakistan and to fulfil their rapacious greed to come to the power; they have adopted the tools of subversion by creating fear and terror in society. These extremist have repeatedly been attacking the security forces and their installations to undermine their authority and deplete the writ of government in the entire sphere of society. They have spread enough of anarchy and killing in the country. This can be said that Pakistan is sufficiently depleted to go down and disintegrate.

But against all the odds, with Allah’s grace this nation is surviving their savagery and has not fell prey to their evil designs. The naming and shaming of certain religious parties as well their cohorts is on the air now; they fear that eventually one by one they may be exposed.

 With no success in sight; the Religious Extremist struck the old tried and tested cord of making Ahmadies a scapegoat so that they may also reap some favour able winds basing on the anti Ahmadiyya psyche prevalent in society, they targeted Ahmadiyya mosques in the heart of Lahore to make big news.

When this exercise of massacre was being carried out in Lahore the sponsors of these extremist groups were extensively carrying out an anti Ahmadiyya campaign to misguide peoples from the numerous TV channels in UK; especially Ummah Channel; sky 828. On the day of attack at Lahore this anti Ahmadiyya campaign from these channels was running at its peak.

Use of Ahmadiyya as scapegoat may be tried and tested formulae for some and easy way to divert the attention of masses and achieve some progress in their evil design, where masses are easily be fooled, alluded and can be misguided too—- but God has always been reaching up to these evil minders; He invariably makes them perish, every time they tried this.

Z A Bhutto, the ambitious was sent down the gallows and is now history. Same is the case of His Excellency, the Ameerul momineen General Ziaul haq the dreamer; who was blasted in the sky with all his other 19 cohorts.

And now is the turn of; these Religious Extremists. They are well come to try this, once again.

But history warns them that who so ever has challenged Ahmadiyya Movement and tried to use them as the scapegoat—-they were soon caught up with the wrath of God Almighty and were seen simply vanishing in thin airs.