Predicting the Unpredictable

By A Khokar   June 22, 2010
 Seeing the past track record of ever expanding phony war on Terror and the usual US lam excuses put forward to prolong the war in the countries that US has continuously been invading to occupy, one after another on some pretext or the other— till we find that US has come and pitched its forces right at our western borders. It is not difficult to ascertain or read the mind of US think tanks and Pentagon that what is there in the offing for the people who find themselves subjected to the perpetual atrocities of ‘US lead armed Forces’ and their onslaught.

Basing on the given blue print and the ‘Projected Calendar’ of this phony war; following may best be predicted— for at least, next one year to come.

1.   To win the US senate election due in November this year and by gauging  the non-supportive US public opinion for Afghan war; Obama needs a political clout of withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan and his earlier announcement to end the war in next year –July 2011 date must remain in place.

2.   From now onward till the US mid-term elections results are announced and its outcome is consolidated; Al Qaeda; a US friend (in need is friend deed) who is always seen ready with their Video messages hurled on such occasion to help, aid and build up the scenario/ pretext—–it is expected that Al Qaeda may not issue their usual rhetoric of ultimatum of some sort or the other.

3.   But  prior to midterm elections; in October, the CIA mercenaries force in Pakistan —TTP must increase its savagery for obvious reasons… which is meant to mark a firm perception in the media that Pakistan is an unstable country as ever and to show that US presence in Af-Pak is justified.

4.   Winter otherwise may pass relatively calm but in view of precarious situation in Pakistan and also to keep Pakistan army at arm’s length from the Corridors of power in Islamabad; —as a token of prize for Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kayani and for his services; his tenure may be extended in recognition of his victory in Swat and FATA.

5.   Comes spring 2011 and at the home front Obama is no more in need of up keep of the rhetoric to end the Afghan war. Per old calendar, Al Qaeda must escalate its atrocities to make it known that terrorism is still ‘live and kicking’ thus US exit from Afghanistan as scheduled in July 2011 may be announced as postponed.

 6.    At this point the fake Taliban group known as TTP which is supported by CIA/Mosad and RAW of India— is likely to start unleashing their subversive attacks in Pakistan. Pak Military security command bases connected with various nuclear silhouettes may be their prime targets— to show that how the nuclear weapons of Pakistan are vulnerable and up for grab by the terrorists.

 7.   To undermine the writ of government further—- some of the key persons in government may also be made targets.

 Above may be seen by some; a wild, flagrant explanation of the situ put forward by a ‘devil’s advocate’; but out there on ground the situation is really taking a different turns. It is seen that in the face of the unflinching resolve. resilience and stead fastness shown by the Hezbollah—the rag-tag Taliban in Afghanistan over such a long  extended period;—  against the far superior sabre rattling  forces of the lone super power; it is seen that  US forces and its higher command is terrified for fighting a sham  useless war and its growing death toll. Finding nothing at hand to declare  a victory; they are in disarray and dishearten. Back home, even the top US commander in Afghanistan, Gen Stanley McChrystal is seen as sham General and labelled as; ‘The Runaway General’. With heavy hearts they are packing up in humiliations to go home.

One is amazed that how the Lord of the Heaven and the Earth has changed the scenario in the favours of His believers who remained steadfast. Allah says: [59:2] “….(O believers)…..You did not think that they (your enemy) would go forth(budge), and (your enemy) thought that their fortresses would defend them against Allah. But Allah came upon them from where they did not expect, and CAST TERROR INTO THEIR HEARTS,, so that they destroyed their houses with their own hands and the hands of the believers. So take a lesson, O ye who have eyes!”