Pakistan: where a Maestro, a Messiah is earnestly awaited

Yad e Mazzi Azzab hey, ya Rub

Chean lay mujh say hafiza mera.


Pakistan a beautiful and God gifted land has got its lofty Himalayan mountain in the north with the historic mountains Hindukush and Kohe Suleiman and Kirthar ranges running down from the north to the west with may gates ways like Khyber pass, carved to reach India. Pakistan has the world biggest canal system that irrigates its fertile lands by its mighty Indus River and its riverine running along the spine of this land and other rivers joining Indus. It holds the Gandhara and Indus valley civilizations. But the current history of this country is seen somewhat pitted with the stories of darker sides of its inhabitants who have turned this land into a land of anarchist and a vulnerable security state. .

Right from its inception, history tells us that whatever has been happening here in Pakistan; nothing has happened as per the will and wishes of peoples….they simply did not have their say; not even the Military which has remained in power for half of its life. Military men are seen to have never come up with a programme or some vision of their own like Kamal Atta Turk of Turkey to build this nation. Input from its political leaders is also counted as insignificant; except one Mr Z A Bhutto who remained on the scene for a brief period of time but was eliminated. The legacy of Z A Bhutto still lives.

In view of its strategically location; it is found that reportedly American have since established their deep rooted influence and are control of the strategic and socio-economical circles of this country. It is seen that practically Pakistan acts like a satellite state of USA which is serving as US outpost in this region.

In Pakistan only American programmes runs. Generals or the so called political leaders— serve there, as US proxy. In short; they are the stooges since installed to execute the given US plans.

In this process; may they be generals or the politicians; their conduct is alike. Since they do not have and neither have they come with their own indigenous national programme; so they make all type of hay for their personal gains and benefits while their sun remains up which tends them to be corrupt. These slaves, they very well know their sell by dates and act accordingly.

Musharraf era is in front of us which can be quoted as example. During his tenure, we saw an exceptional large influx of US money during and Pakistan was told to serve as front line state in war against terror and act as decoy of this war. At the same time; Miss Benazir Bhutto–BB who was on self exile in US was being nurtured as US robot; there upon we saw laying of red carpets by Musharraf for BB to come and take over the rein of government but sadly, after BB arrival, she was seen taking a defiant route. She was seen acting against Musharraf but US saw her as an emerging agent who could prove to be against their interests. A robot could not defy her master and she was eliminated before she could take over—- and now this present day government…. At each and every stage, we do see that there is nothing; which one could claim that; it is our own vision or our national plan.

But there is a glimmer of hope in our Judiciary; which may turn the dream in reality. This nation has done only one thing real good in their entire history that they could install their judiciary by themselves through movement of street power.

 Ironically the past history of this institution is known to be the most corrupt one —will they live by the promise and could cope with the challenge and the change they ought to do in their conduct of judicial business. Are they willing to do all this? To start with—they need to be seen as Mardan e Qalander;the rightiousone; forsaking all their rapacious greed of money that they are known for. That is one…!*

But what happens if the subordinate judges of CJP I M Choudhary on seeing their incomes (bribery) that they are used to, is drastically reduced and they revolt against CJP; or CJP is removed or eliminated?

Our national scenario is reeking with deceit and hypocrisy. From a boot polish boy to the President; everybody is seen corrupt and disloyal to this nation and its land. In such circumstances; even the prayers do not work.

But let’s be loyal to ourselves for a change. Realize where we stand and then pray that God sends us some Maestro; a Messiah to lead us through.

Koi Messiah; hoay karray koi

Meray Dukh ki dawa keray koi


* Khial Asto; Mahal asto; hameen