Pakistan needs a Messiah

By A Khokar   


“I don’t care who does the electing, so long as I get to do the nominating.” Said William Marcy Tweed – (1823-1878).  Tweed was head of Tammany Hall, the Democratic Party political machine that played a major role in the politics of 19th century New York. In Pakistan also, it did not matter who voted in the recent ‘elections’ held in February 2008. It was the CIA which did the nomination which brought about PPP government and Asif Ali Zardari, the widower of Miss Benazir Bhutto as President.


        In the ongoing U.S. war against terror; reportedly the ‘intelligence sharing plan’ of ISI of Pakistan with CIA has met a colossal failure. CIA has successfully been able to launch an anti-Pakistan movement in Pakistan in Federal Administered Area with the aim to destabilize Pakistan and make a case to move in; in the name of securing the would be vulnerable Pakistani nuclear installations that world fear the most. A shadowy organisation depicting the original Afghani Taliban is raised and named as; Tehrik e Taliban of Pakistan (TTP). But with all the available technologies and amount of intelligence with CIA; not to reach Osama bin laden is absurd; for sure, to round up Osama was never a CIA plan; nor is it now. Osama myth, of his being at large is mere an enabling tool; to justify the presence and prolong the stay of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.


In Pakistan, CIA backed TTP through its savagery has since brought havoc in the society. They are resorting to most heinous and inhuman crimes like killing people in bomb blasts, kidnapping for ransom, beheading of innocent, torching of girls schools and other suicidal incident inside Pakistan. Marriott Hotel bombing is one of the many incidents. Pakistan is forced to move its Armed forces to crush this insurgency where a lot of killing and collateral damage as well as loss of lives is reported. But it is learnt that there is a mark success of operation on this front.


CIA has since declared an aggressive covert war against Pakistan. In a desperate attempt to counter the successes of Pakistan army against CIA as well as RAW (Indian agency) backed terrorist groups in the tribal areas of Pakistan; various voices full of panic have started echoing from the CIA head quarters at Langley, USA over the success of Pakistani strategy in tribal areas. The CIA’s game is falling apart and they are now getting more and more ruthless and sinister. Seeing that CIA plan is about to collapse; with a vengeance CIA has since sprung up extensive remotely controlled Drones attacks (CNN says attacks are being controlled from some seven thousand miles away Creech Drone air base, Nevada, USA.) Rather then assisting Pak Army in Bajur Swat area in her operation, Drones are only targeting those militants who have signed peace deals with Pakistan or have joined hands with Pak army to isolate and hunt the anti Pakistan terrorist TTP gangs. These provocative actions are further deteriorating the whole situation. Victims are being instigated to rabble-rouse. It also under mines the repute of ruling government in Islamabad. It is the most sinister, ruthless and criminal betrayals by the CIA and U.S against its major ally, a front state–Pakistan in ‘U.S. war against terror’. This can be called the dirtiest and sickest part of US foreign policy.


On the whole to describe the real and wider U.S. game against Pakistan, for which the recent elections in Pakistan were engineered and a regime change was brought about can be best summarized in the following paragraph.


U.S. seems to have eight major goals assigned to CIA to make sure that Pakistan Government in Islamabad performs:-


  • That Pakistan gives a full support to U.S on war against Terror and that Zardari government only takes pro-US. Decision thus indicating that Zardari is the weak and corrupt leader leading to his zero sum governance.


  • The power cuts, food shortages and prevalent miserable life to create a justification for the severe economic down turn in Pakistan reaching its bottom low in order to bring Pakistan under IMF regime.


  • Coerce Pakistan to improve her relations with India despite perpetual violence in Kashmir and water blockade of rivers flowing from Indian held Kashmir area to create a draught like situation in Pakistan and destroy its main staple food crops.


  • Fomenting an evasive settlement of Kashmir to compel and dictate Pakistan to cut its defence budgets and reduce it large standing Army deployed in Kashmir and thus make Pakistan a most vulnerable state; easy to be over run by any invading force.


  • To Support sub-nationalists groups like Awami National party (ANP) leading to a dismemberment of Pakistan. Although ANP is in governance in the NWFP province (near by FATA area also comes in its jurisdiction). CIA has very successfully infiltrated ANP lines. ANP is being helped to move toward its old dream of greater Pashtunistan; that is to say total dismemberment of NWFP. Map of greater Pashtunistan are already in distribution and Mega bill boards are on display on NWFP main roads.



  • Use of pliant and supportive media to create chaos and confusion and to aerate an atmosphere of despondency among masses.



  • CIA to directly control the war against Pakistan in tribal areas to create chaos and instigate terrorism.



  • To make case that Pakistan is compelled to recognise Israel as a sovereign state for which plans are underway.  



  • In view of the prevalent chaos in the country and with its economy ditching; to justify the case of vulnerability of Pakistan’s nuke weapons and missile program in order to neutralized and taken them out.



All of the above strategy points are being addressed simultaneously.  There is no doubt that Obama is not going to change the Bush policies towards Pakistan but is only going to accelerate the unfinished agenda. Kashmir remains a major stumbling block to justify reduction of Pakistan army, hence even before he won; Obama was loud and clear on his future moves. U.S. strategy is obvious – Pakistan should only have a glorified police force to fight the Taliban militants and does not need a large standing army.


Recently a comprehensive and most inspiring programme has been conducted by a Pakistani Nationalist and patriot group-Brass Tack. This orgnisation has their goals to exposing the CIA Plans set against Pakistan and explain that how the present government has willingly been subjugated to it for their own preferences. Links to the five videos [courtesy of Brass Tack] of the same are given as under. Videos are in Urdu language.


Brass Tack Video part 1

Brass Tack Video part 2

Brass Tack video part 3

Brass Tack Video part 4

Brass Tack Video part 5


Our nation is going through its most distressing moments in the history. The passing moments may haunt us for long time and the for time of many generations to come. Some how Pakistan has put itself on a self destruction mode and our end seems drawing near but there is hope; a hope that some one will come up; sure– some one has to come up. Pakistan is not the valley of dead. This land needs a patriot and a messianic sole; who could mobilise this brave nation of 160 million Pakistanis and break the shackles of traitors, the pilferer and looters that they are holding this nation on ransom in the name of a sham democracy.


Love for all, Hatred for None