Pakistan may add drones to her inventory–easily

There is no doubt US got upper hand in drone technology and is free to carry out strikes at her will under self proclaimed ‘CIA’s judge-jury-executioner assassination program’ in the lands which may offer less or no resistance to drone operation for lack of their ability or other constraints like in Pakistan to counter drone attacks.

But I don’t think that those days are too far off when these defenceless countries would also be having this technology in hand and famous US drone bases like Creech air base in Nevada will be in reach and may equally be surveiled and attacked by the adversaries.

I mean they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. While simple cyber-hacking may bring down the drones, to add to their inventory like Iranians they did recently by taking down the most advanced surveillance drone RQ-170 Sentinel. Reportedly this surveillance drone was used in tracking down Osama Bin laden in his Abbotabad compound while surveilling in Pakistani air spaces at the altitude of 50,000 feet.