Pakistan is not some push over Nation

Dear All Pakistani Brothers and Sisters,

From A Khokar

Our beloved Pakistan is sandwiched between hostile India in the east and mighty U.S forces lurking at our border in the west. Both the rivals of this nation have joined hands to thurst a war upon us from both the sides. A mallow drama of Mumbai has already been staged to concoct a pretext and implicate our mother land in it. On the other two sides; Pakistan has the towering mountains of Himalayas in the north and in the south the Arabian Sea. Pakistan finds herself barricaded. In the absence of any stopgap for the necessary recourse in our neighbor hood to divert or to recoil; Pakistan has no choice but to fight it out on both the hostile fronts and fight it frontally.

The Joint attack plan by India from East and U.S.from the west is an all out war to eliminate Pakistan; the only potent, nuclear power in Islamic world. It is but natural for both the oppressors to subjugate Pakistan and jointly dominate the future world economic mineral resources of Middle and Central Eastern Asia and keep a check n control on the other powers like China and Russia in the area.

 Pakistan is an ideological state and for her survival in the wake of dire circumstances; it is but necessary to get gather all possible means to ensure the security of our nation. We all are there; if Pakistan is there. 

Pakistan is certainly not some push over nation. In Pakistan, there live incredible people and only incredible people do have incredible problems. God does not allow challenges to small people. No pressure stands to back us down. We are certainly equipped to overcome all our problems. Our enemies may be powerful but our God is Mighty powerful. We need to know who we are and know that God matches the size of the destiny. God has bestowed Pakistanis for the chosen destiny to lead the world and bring the world from darkness to the light of God. When God is with us; who dare challenge us?

For Extraordinary powers and for an extraordinary future; there ought to be Extraordinary Challenges. We must not get discouraged by the enormity of  problems. Dream often take long time to come about but dreams may not be scaled down. Remember your dreams. Search your heart and soul; to go from pits to promotions.

Depth of our past is the height of our future. Pakistan is not just a push over Land. Pakistan is in the palm of our God. Believe that God does not stop us but promotes us. Our Faith in God is our shield. We are the believers of the last of the Commandments of God; the summit of all the religions; Islam. If God is with us, who dare comes against us.

 We need to put on the armor of God.

The breast plate of righteousness.

The belt of growth

The shoes of peace.

The Sword of spirit.

Strong is our lord. We are blessed. We are prosperous. With Allah’s grace; Best are the days in front of us. We are not protected for our back because we are never dressed for to run away from the enemy.

 Pakistan is God gifted land of extra ordinaries; who have got an extra ordinary future. Pakistan is in it— to win it.


Love for all, Hatred for None