Pakistan: in the Eye of the Storm of Terror

By A Khokar   June 07, 2010

The region of Middle East, Central Asia and Pakistan; that the futurists and the Neocons ( US conservative) they like to call it the Greater Middle East. This entire region is finding itself in the grip of the Storm of terrorism and the destruction of its tornadoes are widely felt by the recipients and the reactionaries caught up in the eye of storm, especially living around Duran lines on Af-Pak border. The whirl wind of terrorism may be said that it is induced by western oppressing powers lead by United States but enabling factors of the terrorism on the ground playing subversive part and bringing havoc to the societies is more than significant and may not be taken out of its equation.

When the analysts point out their analytical fingers to the terrorism; they always point in the direction of the eye of the storm; which is meant—-Pakistan.

Renaissance of Islam and Pan Islamism to restore the lost glory of Islam are the dreams that the late ZA Bhutto was inspired with and had shown his ambition to excel all the other Muslim leaders of the time like of Jamal Abdul Nasser of Egypt and Sukarno of Indonesia and their legacy embedded in the masses. He had certainly chosen a tough task ahead for himself.

The military dictator General Ziaul Haq who had earlier served for some 2 years on secondment in Jordan as Brigade Commander of the forces sent from Pakistan in connection with Middle East Crises and could see the Middle East and its crisis from close quarters. Later after becoming the supreme commander of Pakistan Military it was felt that he too had the appetite of the ambitions pursued by Z A Bhutto which over took him. And he deposed Z A Bhutto and sent him down the gallows to replace his ideology as well as to become- Ameerul Momineen of Muslim Ummah himself.

Both the big dreamers was taken off the scene one after another notwithstanding that in Middle East the Big game played with the connivance of ‘Black Goggled princes’ of Arab lands by the western powers is much more a bigger and potent game than the various movements keep on emerging in Muslim world enchanting anti western slogans which usually turn as superfluous and shot lived. Eeman. Tuqwa, Jihad e fisabeel Allah was also a slogan given by Zial ul haq to mobilize the masses.

With every demise of the maestro; their given ideology and ambition breathed their last. Earlier Z A Bhutto and General Zial Ul haq were eliminated that they took the wrong route to unite the nations of Islam behind them and met their fate. But it’s high time to realize it that war on terror is primarily aimed at to target our beloved land; Pakistan from where they think that ideology of pan Islamism for the Renaissance of the last glory of Islam keeps on emanating and is seen making potentional ripples to take over the charge of Greater Middle East.

The Global war on Terrorism is a long hauled war for which some half a million western forces lead by United States are poised on our western borders with one aim; to eliminate the epicentre of terror breeding terrorism; that they call —namely Pakistan. It is very much known that certain religious extremist groups in Pakistan are paid and supported to make this nation bleed internally; and very wilfully our religious stooges are religiously carrying out the subversive activities against Pakistan.

 On the other hand it is essential that to enable and prolong the war on terrorism the pretext of terrorism is kept alive all the time; for which for instance, the provocative drone attacks sorties are continually being run by United states to target the innocent even by violating the sovereignty of the Pakistan. This provocation is aimed at creating more terrorists and to instigate and invite them to attack US lead forces and to help build and enhance the given pretext enabling them to prolong the stay in Afghanistan and eventually move in side Pakistan and turn it into another state like Iraq.

But Alhamdo Lillah as a first priority the Gallant Military Forces of Pakistan are busy in eliminating the turn coat religious extremists organisation playing in the hands of enemies of Pakistan for money and are the main cause of internal bleeding of our country.

This War on Terrorism is a long haul war and may take much more a long time that eventually to restore the Glory of Islam; the house of Islam and the Arab lands are put in order for which the menace of dictatorial ‘Black goggled princes of Arab land’ since installed and imposed on the Arabs by the western manipulators are got ride off to save guard the misappropriation of divinely assets which they are using to build their luxurious opulent castles for their personal usage and comforts.

The second phase to make the required radical developments in Arab lands; when and how it will take place; history may unfold for us later; but the show goes on.