Our Ignorance may be pitting us against our God

By A Khokar July 15, 2010

Islam has its ancestral roots in Judea and Christianity. The Holy book of Quran; duly confirms and validates the old denominations and extensively uses and narrates the conduct of both the older nomens to high lights and quote their explicit examples in order to derive the guidance and Hikmah for the believers. God Almighty very sternly admonishes to discipline the believers that how best they may lead the life of righteousness and avoid those very situations where they had gone wrong and earned divine retribution.

But matter of the fact is that whereas in lot many spheres and practices; Islam stands at odd to the crafted beliefs of Christianity but it is very strange that main stream Muslims; somehow believe in ditto, the myths evolved around Judea reformer prophet Jesus (as). That after going through the ordeal of crucifixtion inflicted on Jesus by Jews; God came for the rescue of His prophet in order to save him, from any further hassle or discord and aborted His own plan and took Jesus up in the heavens to make him vanish for good to retire.

That is to say that Jesus mission to act as reformer was abundant by God Almighty, right in its offing; which is as absurd—- as this claim of his ascension to heaven of his retirement may be.

When Jesus was put on the cross supposedly to die a cursed death, the Holy Quran simply says that ‘[4:158] On the contrary, Allah exalted him to Himself. And Allah is Mighty, Wise.’

The word which Quran has used here is Rafao Allah; means exalted or to raise his status above others. We do see that at various other places, in Quran this word has been used mostly to denote the meanings; raised above others. Anyhow this necessarily does not leave us with meanings that prophet hood of Jesus as the reformer of Israelite was terminated altogether by considering it to be some futile effort and God sent Jesus on a long leave instead.

The history speaks that before the advent of Jesus, there were 12 tribes (Sheep) of Israelites living around Palestine. Some three hundred year ago, Israelites were going through difficult times of being severely persecuted at the hands of Assyrians forces from Syria who were hunting them down. About 9 out of all 12 of Israelites tribes had migrated to escape to some far flung countries; like Armenia and the other countries in Eastern Europe in the north, to Iran, Afghanistan and beyond. Some of the salient land marks in these countries still bear Israelite names like we have in our tribal area in Pakistan; Koh e Suleman. Musa khel, Esa khel, etc. In Afghanistan there is also a river with name as Yasuh River. All the tribes in Afghanistan, although later on converted to Islam but their features; they way they act, the businesses they do, the rituals observed in the marriages and the orthodoxy found in religion—can still be identified having their foot prints of a creed of Jewish belief.

Jesus as a Prophet of Bani Israel was assigned with the task of reformation of all the 12 tribes (sheep) of Israelite. It was but incumbent on him to reach all the 12 tribes where ever they were. It is now known that he reached for all the tribes; to fulfil his duty. He lived for some 120 years. His tomb is located in Srinagar in Kashmir.

But as a Muslims; whatever we like to believe or try to rightly or wrongly interpret the meaning of Exalted— as to ascended to heaven…. but any such belief may hold no waters in face of Divine orders that Jesus who was sent by God as the prophet of all the 12 tribes of ‘Bani Israel’; his mission be said to have called off in the face of Israeli opposition and their threat of punishing Jesus? It is absurd and sure not be acceptable.

The abandoning of the reformation plan and removing the Jesus away from its tribes; goes against the divinely design plan issued by God Almighty. No sane person may be ready to believe or buy this absurdity.

This shows the utter ignorance on the part of bewildered believers to hold such belief. Where the believers are seen pitted against God Almighty. This in any case can’t be accepted that God Almighty (naozbillah) is seen defeated in his design and any such belief where God is seen as defeated deserve to be thrown out of the window.

This was but obligatory; rather incumbent on Jesus (as) to go meet and reform all the other 9 tribes spread all over.

Our vision may be restricted; infested with misgivings or the fabricated concocts. There may be lack of knowledge at our part but Not that designs of Allah be under mined for our short comings.