Osama to Announce: Islamic Emirate of Taliban in NWFP

While President Asif Ali Zardari departs for America, the northern area of Pakistan is yet again coming in the grip of ‘Anti- Pakistan elements’ (APES). The recent smart move of Pak government in Malakand division to re-establish Nizam e adil has although taken the air out of Tehrik e Taliban’s balloon and it seems that the calculated game of CIA for which this copycat TTP was hired on a high bids to subdue nuclear- armed Pakistan; at the face of it,  their entire scheme is seen gone awry.



Pak Armed forces have also moved in with full blast to cleanse the areas and make it free of anti Pakistan Elements. But the usual rhetoric of vulnerability of weakened Pakistan Government and its nuclear arsenal at the hands of so called Taliban has exceptionally been heightened. The entire US Administration including President Barrack Obama is singing a same anti Pakistan chorus and they look at Pakistan, as it is breathing its last.



To give a full Talibanish flavour to TTP, reportedly the dissident of central Asia; Uzbek, Tajick even Chechnian and some Arabs are recruited on very good wages. The subversive activities by suicidal actions, bomb blasts, kidnapping of high profile personalities and large scale disruptions to cripple the normal government functioning are on its full scale and Pakistan is seen sufficiently bruised. 


TTP is a highly sophisticated tool in the hands of US lead NATO forces. It is exceptionally well armed on ground, well fed and has very well trained operatives. Seemingly CIA is satisfied with the ground works done by TTP inside Pakistan and its necessary preparation as a prelude to the planned final occupation of yet another sovereign country after Iraq and Afghanistan.



Use of Nizam e adil card by Pak government, in troubled Malakand division has in a way weakened the stance of anti Pakistan elements but CIA is bound to spring up another cat out of their bag; the long awaited card of —moving in and striking an amoral power monger and self-anointed savoir of the world; —the old friend Osama bin Laden is there. By hook or crook an enclave for TTP is about to be secured in troubled PATA and Osama and his cohort of Al-Qaeda are likely to declare it the Islamic Emirates of Taliban; thus to enable the US lead forces; a well sought pretext to launch an invasion—- inside Pakistan.


But question arises; Does Pakistan has that potent leadership available to lead us through all this chaos and anarchy?