Osama bin Laden is US Friend in Indeed


By A Khokar     04 June 2009


Where as very thought fully the grounds were soften up and prepared prior to the speech of Obama to Muslim world from Egypt; firstly the Osama bin laden’s Lieutenant Eman Zowahari appearance a day earlier and lately announcement by Osama bin laden by himself, the minutes after the President Barrack Obama touched down in Saudi Arabia is astonishing. Osama bin Laden broke the silenced and said that U.S. President Barrack Obama had planted the seeds of “revenge and hatred” toward the United States in the Muslim world and warned Americans to prepare for the consequences.


Bin Laden’s remarks, aired on Wednesday by Al Jazeera television, came a day after comments by his deputy who described Obama as a criminal and warned Muslims not to fall for his polished words.

Their statements marked a concerted al Qaeda propaganda drive to pre-empt a major speech to the Muslim world that Obama is due to deliver in Egypt on Thursday.


Since long Muslim world is seen tied in the shackle of oppressors and almost all the Muslim lands are practically in control of western power except few that they are also put in the process to subjugate them and bring them in American fold.

Keeping in view the precarious conditions of Muslim world even the oppressor leader Barrack Obama has decided to come and pacify the heart felt Muslim world and it was expected that out of all the present day problems like;


  US should withdraw completely from Iraq.

• US must cease her hostilities in Afghanistan and order a withdrawal of all US- NATO forces from Afghanistan.

• Israel should ask Israel to vacate all Arab occupied lands.

• Obama should announce that there will be no more US Drone attacks inside Pakistan.

• UN Sanctions against Iran will be eased or lifted.

• No more surge of 20000 troops will be despatched to Afghanistan.


Where as Muslim world were eager to listen Obama to announce some change in the US policies but as always Osama bin Laden along with his Lieutenant have come up with their old rhetoric of challenging USA by boasting their strength of terrorism.

This has rightly taken the pressure off from  Barrack Obama to make announcement of any concessions and that it has enabled US to sticks to its original plan of fighting Terrorism and to remain busy in all the parts of Muslim till the last terrorist is eliminated. 

 Osama bin Laden has rightly come in aid of Barrack Obama to take his pressure off. Indeed Osama bin Laden is proven great friend of United States.



 Friend in need is friend indeed.



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[1] Most probably CIA Orchestrated