Operation Rahe Nijat: in Need of a Fresh Spin


 By A Khokar    6 July 2009


Tehrik e Taliban in Pakistan (TTP) were the known traitors operating in Swatt-Malakand area; they were Satan found successful in infiltrating the inner core of our society—- disguised as the preacher and using the religion as their weapon. They enjoyed the support of other interested parties and forces like old MMA, JUI –Fazlur, and Jamaat e Islami who were seen successful in meddling of general public opinion in their favour to far right side. Thus areas under their influence were invariably found full of Taliban sympathisers.



But all it required a spin of a spin doctor like Rehman Malik to make use of Nizam e adel card that its timely usage exposed the savagery and implied tactics of fear and violence of Taliban and it helped turn away the public general opinion to shift back to centre right. Very conveniently, this enabled the present government to launch a full fledge armed operation Rah e Rast by Pak armed Forces and evict the menace of TTP.



 Although this operation is being conducted very successfully and surely the life in the affected areas may return to normal. IDPs will also return back to their homes but reportedly the higher command of TTP have slipped through the nets and these fugitives have joined and sought shelter of other subversive forces in South Waziristan, an area notoriously known as wild, inhospitable and most volatile— offering sanctuaries and safe havens to all such criminal and savage fugitives. Presently the Swatt operation may be requiring a hot pursuit of terrorist to be carried out and operation may be extended to new areas. Reportedly so; to keep up the required impetus the new operation of this hot pursuit in Waziristan is on its way and the subject operation is named as Rahe e Nijat,



One may think that this new operation for the time being may have the blanket cover of public opinion of Swaat operation and possibly same public backing be enjoyed and extended here also. Although general public is retired to the idea that Waziristan operation will also generate the flux of IDP and distressing rouge elements from here will escape to the areas like Southern Punjab and beyond requiring tough military operations but more noticeably the bibliography of nizaam e adil card and public opinion since formed and enjoyed earlier —are supposedly area restricted which may not be workable for the operations in waziristan and when further extended in southern Punjab.



Public opinion is a monster which must be kept harnessed all the times. In order to keep the public opinion in centre or at least on its centre right and to achieve a public backing to bear all the destruction and collateral damages involved which this nation may desperately be requiring in pruning of all its rouge non patriotic elements —- new spins like Nizam e Adil card are needed to conduct any such further operation.