NRO Lands in the Valley of the Sinners




By  A Khokar   24 November 2009



When a society is found immersed deep in its self created curses and sins that the only way out may be that some Maestro like Nelson Mandela of South Africa emerges and pulls them out of the darkness’s. He makes them realize that their only way out is that they should very honestly repent for their sins—- and beg their people to pardon them that—- this may be the only recipe that they may come out clean and start afresh.


The sole idea of the doctrine of ‘Reconciliation through Justice’ initiated by man like Nelson Mandela in South Africa was that after a long struggle, he had won over the oppressing forces of Apartheid (white men) in his country—that they had discriminated the entire Black community for so long and today for his efforts and sacrifices the Blacks were free. They were in a position to crush the Apartheid or force them to quit South Africa. Having achieved an upper hand, the Black community has already started discrimination of whites and in vengeance they were feeling justified even carrying out atrocious acts, arson and looting of their past oppressors.


  Seeing that nation was at the brink of anarchy, the man decided to adopt a different route. He came forward and announced to pardon the Apartheid for their previous heinous crimes and all the sins committed provided they repent sincerely. He also extended the decree of pardon to all the Black excessiveness as well all the previous pillages and plundering of national wealth.


The entire nation in compliance bowed down their head in front of their leader Nelson Mandela— to repent and they earnestly admitted committing of past crimes. Accordingly a decree of ‘Reconciliation through Justice’ was issued and people were pardoned for their previous doings with the promise that they will not indulge themselves again and thus a National reconciliation was reached. This was a unique example and a recipe for all the nations who could come across such situations and have the urge to come out clean and start afresh.


 In Pakistan the situation was different. Here a military man; General Pervez Musharraf was holding the reins of government. For long eight years he had worked hard and readied this nation to accept a real grass root democracy and was anxious to see it coming back to his country. Even the fiercest of his foes were also appreciative of his visions, his plans and progresses made in the fields of national economy.


Keeping in view the peculiar feudalistic and ancestral polity found in Pakistan that all the major political parties are found dagger drawn. They are also infested with corruption, pillage and plundering of highest degree. Most of them had shifted their assets and booty abroad. Pervez Musharraf had his longings that how best he could bring these warring political parties back home into a refined politics and sees them working together.


He picked up Nelson Mandela’s recipe to give it a try for the required reconciliation in the country. But unfortunately the tide and times were not favouring him. He was daring but not a charismatic leader— rather he was bearing a label of dictator. Nation was although appreciative of his progressive deeds but was not really comfortable with him. He did not enjoy an aura of his personality like Nelson Mandela. Neither the politician nor the elites and public were ready to bow down with him to admit their previous sins committed against the mother land, nor were ready to accept him as their Maestro. He stood their alone by himself to achieve his set goals but at the same time he was also seen marching toward his exit gates.


The man who dreamt a dream and laid red carpets for the dawn of real grass root democracy in Pakistan, introduced a reconciliation in politics and brought the rivals to work together; rather than repenting their past sin and working together; the thankless creature the politician right after landing in the country they joined hands; betrayed the Maestro and evicted him.


Ironically in Pakistan the Nelson Mandela recipe could not be used to achieve ‘Reconciliation through Justice’. Any how ‘National Reconciliation Order’ did come but it was just taken as cosmetic puffing, and a hype, to use it— with specific aim to be applied for certain categories of peoples to clear their rout in— to come and grab the seat of power—- that they found Pervez Musharraf was ready to vacate for them. He was also found under immense pressure being applied by our American masters— to quit and hand over to the people of their choice i.e. Miss Benazir Bhutto and her cohorts.


What ever the sincerity that it was shown by Musharraf outwardly; the prime aim of this cosmetic ‘puff up’ of NRO remains to be the fact that it was to serve a few to come ridding on its wings —-and land safely….. And that they got it as planned.

When this was the aim——then what is this jugglery of words and useless exercise being carried out on media channels? And what is this finding of some high morale grounds by various rival political parties in their point scoring exercises and shuttling of NRO between courts of Law and Legislative Assemblies—when there are no moral grounds to win—- what so ever.


Ironically this alluded nation has already accepted those stooges; the NRO wing riders; their known sinners and masters of betrayal ——as their leaders then what is this bickering all about?


What a misuse of a sacred recipe of national reconciliation and wasteful exercise being conducted in this—– ‘Valley of the Sinners’?