Not one but Three Eids… Fantastic*

This year Pakistanis living abroad are having not one but three Eids.

Fantastic; isn’t it.
Pakistan is not the only country where certain group of peoples especially in Pakhtoon Khawa have a craving to celebrate Eid day of their own.

In UK, Europe and in USA too Pakistanis are set to have their Eid day of their own choice and there are three days that peoples will be getting together to say namaz e Eid and celebrate it.
From the information provided by Royal Observatory for start and end dates of Ramadan 2011, it is very clear that Ramadan in London should have started on 2nd August and Eid day after the end of Ramadan would be on 1st September.

ON 1st Aug Crescent moon was visible under perfect conditions around 20:58 which set at 21:09 marking the 2nd of August as first day of Ramadan.

Royal Observatory offices at London Euston also say that on 31 Aug Crescent moon will easily be visible around 20:03 and will set at about 20:18 marking the Eid Day as on 1st of September.

Mager; yahaan tou Apna apna chand hey; Jab chaey nikal lo
Apni Eid—Apna mazaa.

But how unfortunate this Muslim lot stands away from reality and the knowledge that even Eid comes but rather than uniting them—-it splits them further.

But Kids they ask:

Why there are Three Eids Dad: what is the right day to have our Eid?

I don’t have the answer; can you please throw some ligh