No Cowing in Fear


By A Khokar • Oct 15th, 2008


Terrorism is an unusual phenomenon which can be defined by the responses of on lookers. It is evil in itself and emanates from the sense of fear generated by any sudden dreadful covert action under taken by some ruthless coward assailants by attacking the public prime targets to terrorise the society for their vested interests. All the terrorists they believe that acts of savagery and carnage for the purpose of cowing the population into submission…works. Any cowing shown by the society or by the people in government finding their lives endangered, is a win, win news in terrorists’ camps.


 In the present state of turmoil in Pakistan; a sudden occurrence of bomb blasts at any national high value target may not be counted as unusual. Many advanced countries, claiming to be the lands of peace and plenty like the Britain in Europe, have been in the grip of anarchy spread by terrorists for a very long time. The IRA (Irish Republic Army) a terrorist group of Northern Ireland stayed pitched against England for the freedom of a northern chunk of Ireland which is part of Britain. IRA, they kept on unleashing terror through bomb blasts, killing of people and wide scale arson for a long many years on the main land Britain. This group had also a strong backing of a segment of society in Northern Island also. They fought for many years but rock like resilience of British government showed the terrorist only one thing; that Britain will not scum to IRA terrorising tactic. Britain unflinching resolve has been very clear that the terrorist’s tactic;— it may not work. The terrorists ultimately budged and were forced to renounced terrorism.


  The savagery and terrorising tactic of Tehrik e Taliban in Pakistan, a brain-child of CIA in Pakistan, is exactly the same as of IRA but it should be borne in mind that the fear of terror must not lead us to any disorientation and bewilderedness. TTP be shown that we may not be cowed by fear and that we may not alter our right of liberty or our way of life, freedom and understanding of religion that we believe in.


In Pakistan; our fight against the terrorism demands a clear-cut anti- terrorist policy. First and far most will be that; the terrorist be declared the ‘Traitors of Pakistan’ and their abettors are ‘named and shamed’. The nation be mobilized on war footings and warned. A clear message ought to be sent to the terrorist camps …; No fear and no cowing in the face of their created anarchy.


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