Naked aggression of Hillary Clinton on Pakistan



By A Khokar    31 October 2009


Although Hillary Clinton has shown some strong diplomacy of US while she was here in Pakistan but where ever she had gone one finds it was her naked aggression on Pakistan. The lady has been sounding a big bugle horn of 7.5 Billions aid to Pakistan and she has not been challenged any where and no one could tell her squarely that Madam; US is doing No favor to Pakistan by giving this money. You are just paying your bill of cost of war on terror.


It is estimated that as a front state and an ally of US in the war against terror, Pakistan has suffered an enormous losses amounting to some 80 Billions. Not to include the instability of its state that Pakistan has got as a result; the destruction of weaves of its society and its infra structures; the ever growing subversive activities of terrorist and prevalent state of anarchy are much bigger scars that Pakistan will keep on wearing for decades to come.


Pakistanis are of the opinion that every country in the US war against terror (NATO and others) that their armies are participating in this war; they are adequately been compensated or paid by US toward their cost affects (including India). Here in Pakistan; although this is a matter between two allies (US- Pakistan). Pakistan is fighting as front state in the war and consequently this country has suffered a lot. A Lollypop of 7.5 billions being offered by K-L bill or now being trumpeted by Hillary on this occasion as some compensation which she prefers to call it an aid by US—- is just a peanut.



Although she has been successful to con us that our war bill claim has cleverly been converted into a aid cum alms bill. In such circumstances US must be condemned for preemptive use of a charming woman like Hillary Clinton against Pakistan that it is against human dignity for unleashing a woman on Pakistan. But US is likely to come out with the statement that US reserve the right to use a softening tool like Hillary Clinton in such a situation where all the option have failed. But under no circumstance is there ever a justification for the preemptive deployment of such softening tool that under the spell of it where audience and addressee are overwhelmed by her charm and they fell flat—- any where by any country.



 What is the out come of this visit? Net results can be said as—- Zero Sum with a Peshawar bomb blast. People Market razed to ground, hundred lives perished and some 250 maimed. Our misery is that it ——-goes on.