Musharraf is a spent cartridge

 By A Khokar

All the proxies carry a sell by date. Musharraf who used to boast himself the wizard and a maestro in Pakistan was eventually deposed under a chalked US plan—– to replace him and install yet another proxy: BB-Benazir Bhutto.

Sadly BB got eliminated before, even she could take charge of the rein from Musharraf… and more sad —it is that in order to comply with the orders given by his US masters— very hastily, Musharraf handed over the rein of government to a known band of goons of BB party like; the corrupt widower Zardari and his cohorts.

Musharraf left the Pakistanis high and dry and this country is now caught up in the clutches of savages like zardari found imposed upon them. On the other hand; the stock of natural calamities like the devastating floods in the country are persistently unleashing havoc. Mother Nature seems —mercilessly crushing Pakistanis down and leaving them battered—it looks like they are likely to stay there in this state of turmoil for a long time to come.

Musharraf may like to grab some of his residual credibility; which can be said that it is still holding some waters among the masses for his previous good deeds in the field of economy but realistically speaking, he is a spent cartridge and may not carry it’s —-any reusable value. It is just like as No spark may ignite the ashes and No charity may bring back the dead to life.

His one million sterling pounds flat near London Edgware Road is surely a good rest resort that he has selected for himself to spend his rest of the life. It is in the neighbourhood of another US poodle Tony Blare. Reportedly Musharraf is being looked after there, very well.

To some the above may look very flawed but this is the matter of truth which even; Musharraf may not be able to refute it.

Nowadays Media is full of Rumors of his going back to Pakistan but —if at all he goes back to Pakistan; he may only go back ridding the wings of USA. Pakistani democratic life may not accept him. His reinstalling by US at this time is also very unusual. As said earlier; all the proxies carry a sell by date and he has already spent his time.

But if at all he is sent back; just imagine that what all— US must have done by that time to this battered nation — before he could be reinstalled; if at all he is reinstalled.


(Edited for clarity)