Mumbai Massacre Drama Exposed


By A Khokar


Mumbai attacks are presumed by the Indians to have to do with the Kashmiri Muslims (by Lashkae e Taeyiba wing) fighting to force India to withdraw from their part of the disputed region in the north of the Indian subcontinent, bordering the two countries India and Pakistan and also Tibet and China. Its Hindu ruler chose in 1947 to deliver its Muslim population to India during the frantic days of British India’s partition but the U.N. ordered a referendum among the Muslims (believed today to favor independence). India has never accepted it.


If Kashmir was the motive for the Mumbai attacks, why were the targets hotels and restaurants frequented by Western tourists, and also the area where prosperous Indians reside, and a Lubavitch Hasidic Jewish center—an outpost of mainly American and Israeli Jews? None of them have anything to do with Kashmir.


Although the guns unleashing the havoc to Mumbai have gone silent and so have  the terrorists. All the terrorists but one was killed and their bodies are now in possession of forensic investigating teams which includes Indian, CIA, Mossad and FBI. Pakistan will certainly like to join in since they are being implicated to have trained the terrorist and sending them across for this adventure.


They say; dead body never tells a lie. Of all the religions in India only the Moslems are circumcise. The dead bodies may tell us a lot. The terrorist caught alive is named as Muhammad Ajmal Kasab s/o Muhammad Amir Kasab of village Faridkot, Okara. Unlike India, the Pakistan Database and Registration authority has its large data base portal for the people living in Pakistan. Every one must have the National ID card. Even every child has the National ID number. Name and the address can invariably be verified by data base as well as investigation on ground. 


As reported by Andrew Buncombe in Delhi, The Independent Thursday, 27th November 2008, « most of the attacks have been blamed on extremist Muslim groups but, in recent weeks, police have rounded up 10 members of what they say is its first Hindu terror cell ». In early November 2008, the Mumbai Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS), headed by Hemant Karkare, arrested 10 Hindutva extremists, including Dayanand Pandey (a prominent religious leader of Uttar Pradesh) belonging to Sangh Parivar, an umbrella organisation comprising the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Bajrang Dal, and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, in connection with the 8 Sept 2006 Malegaon bomb blasts in a Muslim cemetery in Maharashtra killing dozens of Muslim pilgrims and injuring scores more. The ATS investigation has uncovered connections with the Israeli MOSSAD whose Indian home-grown agents have infiltrated many Hindu organizations in India, as well as connections between the Indian military and Hindu extremist groups. In the very early hours of the Mumbai attack on 26/11, the unknown terrorists eliminated Hemant Karare, Head of the ATS, along with Mumbai’s additional commissioner of police Ashok Kamte and high-level police officer Vijay Salaskar, The Times of India reported. The killers must have had inside information as Indian security services have been infiltrated. One of the ‘unknown’ terrorist caught on CCTV camera at the Chattrapati Shivaji railway station wore a sacred Hindu wristband. The victims included Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, Indians, Britons, Americans and a Mauritian.

It is also reported by CNN (3 December 2008) quoting CIA officials that Last week’s attacks in Mumbai, India, were carried out by the same group responsible for two previous attacks in India; of Samghuta Express massacre and killing of dozens of Muslims known as Malegaon bomb blast. Various serving as well as retired Hindu military officers are already under police custody for carrying out the carnage as well as organizing the training for the Hindu extremists. Threats and warnings are being exchanged by India and Pakistan about the attack on Mumbai, carried out by presumed Muslim extremists. But question arises that terrorist carried out this attack acting to what purpose, and under whose instructions?

Mean while Pakistan has offered a full cooperation in the investigation in the Mumbai massacre. Pakistan has nothing to hide and that why they would do it?. It seems more likely to be the work of external forces, with internal complicity, which do not want peace between those two sister countries and sister communities. The plan is clearly to provoke a war between India. Where India is being recognized as the future super power in south Asia and Pakistan wants to detach it self from US murdering ventures.


TvOne News in their Program; Siyassat Aur Pakistan has also exposed the Indian Mumbai Drama. A Must Watch videos; it is in six parts.

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