Meri Dunya Lut Rahi thi – Aur Maen Khamosh ….

   ‘Bearing it as silent observers’ These thoughts haunt me that we the Pakistanis engulfed in most precarious situation of our times may not be the resilient people but are used to resigning to atrocities and accept it as our fate. It took me to think over and over again that how this nation living on a God gifted land is being coerced to thin out and to disintegrate. I look back and see that: It was early 70s that General Augusto Pinochet in Chile came to power through a violent coup. To terrorise the Chilean civil society, he unleashed gross humiliation of elites and brutally tortured his immediate opponents resisting the coup . Savage killing while taking over a country is the first stage of ‘Shock Doctrine’ which Milton Friedman, a US Economist from Chicago School of Economics prescribes for the ‘Economics of Disaster’. At the time of US President Richard Nixon, Country of Chile was targeted to act as proxy to try and test as how best his Doctrine  would successfully work by implying the element of  Shock to distressed masses. General Augusto Pinochet was told that such atrocious shocks, when made to erupt, no leeway must be given to public to escape its impacts. Golden rule that Injuries must be ‘inflicted all at once’; to keep the people deluded be adopted and as a first stage let the people wander in a state of their ‘Sensory deprivation’. The Doctrine says that sooner the sensory deprivation of people is seen taking effect; No let off period be allowed till a complete ‘Blanking Phase’ is completed. Blanking is when people owing to their perpetual sensory deprivation are made to forget the memories of better days they spent in the past.   After 9/11 Pakistan was not only chosen by US to act as the proxy in War against Terror but it was also made a target to transform its society to bring it into American fold by means of application of Shock Doctrine of Economic of Disaster. Pakistan, once a proud and most resilient nation was exposed to the state of its moral degradation and depletion. It started with the famous ‘U’ turn of General Pervez Musharraf after 9/11 to act as US proxy . The massive killing of our own citizens in FATA and on Pak–Afghan Border at the hands of our own forces on US dictates and handing over of hundreds of personal to US; the defaming news of well publicised, abase training of Miss Benazir Bhutto imparted in US to come home and act as a US robot leader in Pakistan; which followed with a selective amnesty and issue of NRO to hand over a clean slate to Miss Benazir and many of other known plunderers and looters of Pakistan were set free. All acts were but degrading factors implied containing enough of humiliating venom injected to paralyse and erode the sense of Self pride of a nation to make the people delude.   Before sowing new seeds and to attain a bumper yield of crops; the grounds need be prepared, cleared of many weeds and made ready possibly in a total ‘Blank form’. One can very well see that Miss Bhutto is prime initiator of the ‘Blanking phase’. As, soon after her arrival in Pakistan, although she was on a ‘parole’ of ‘NRO’, to remain obliged to Musharraf and be restricted to the US given out lines but her turning to the venomous rhetoric against the dictatorial regime of Musharraf was unique and  glaring. With this back ground the tragic incidents which followed in shape of a savage attack on Miss Bhutto’s caravan in Karachi on her arrival in Pakistan and later her slaying at Liaqat Bagh, Rawalpindi along with her party members proved to be very devastating. The suicide bombing, in and around Islamabad and in other cities resulted in innumerable loss of lives. This has created enough of violence, anarchy and mayhem in the country to avail a ‘required state of crises’ to be exploited to take it further for formal ‘Blanking’.   After the demise of Miss Bhutto the black era in Pakistan started; as luck would have it; her demise generated a special sympathy vote toward her political party and although General Pervez Musharraf conducted a fair elections but Miss Bhutto legacy and votes of sympathy brought the self proclaimed successor Asif Ali Zardari, PPP became the majority party in the National Assembly and her husband as the President of Pakistan. Asif Ali Zardari a known conman with his group had reached atop to grab all the seats of power in the country. He would not like that a man like General Pervez Musharraf who could exercise a check on them should be seen around poking nose in their affairs. So with no check on them and finding a free hand to the legislative power in National assembly; they would easily carve and assert any amendment to the rules or the constitution; which may give them a free hand to their loot-kasoot. This was another blow to common public morality. Whereas public would like to see their top leader in somewhat angelic form but here case was turning out to be very different. The known conman imposed on the masses added  further sensory deprivation and has served as an active catalyst agent to push forward the ‘Blanking phase’.   Now we had the real Crisis! Economist Milton Friedman says, “Only a crisis may produce real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around.” Catastrophic events are both extremely profitable to corporate and to allow the governments to push through the agenda of the planned radical changes. Blanking is attained by keeping the heat of maligning of opponents on at a full throttle; so that people should denounce and curse their past. Slogan of treason charges and even hanging the old Maestro Musharraf are at their high pitch. The out spoken witness like Musharraf had to be silenced and silenced for good like Saddam Hussein who was a prime witness against the US invasion of Iraq but was sent down the gallows after a show trails and silenced for good. And very conveniently General Musharraf was shunted. Fearing his utter persecution at the hands of his successors, he managed to leave the country and took a refuge in UK. But ever since, this nation is stuck and hung in its Blanking Phase where past regimes is being maligned day in and day out with the aim that people must curse their past  and  situation be further made to ripe to introduce the next phase of ‘Radical change’.   For last five years, numbers of constitutional amendments favouring the standing of present government are made but no effort is made to put a stop on corruption which is let to rocketing high. For the incompetence and mismanagement of Zardari government, most of the civic amenities from people lives like electricity and gas supplies etc have simply vanished becoming the memories of the past. Most of Industries are shut creating a mass unemployment. With no money in hand peoples are forced to take the course of suicides. Life of a common man in the streets has become a misery. Not only the present day regime but the master benefactor of  Shock Doctrine; US has also orchestrated many a moves that would deplete this nation morally as well economically so that it goes down and fells on its knees. Especially the Armed forces, the known sole saviours are maligned enough to undermined their authority. The perpetual US Drone attacks inside Pakistani territory, the orchestration of the Abbotabad OBL compound attack, the attack on Mehran base and Salalapost NATO attack are all carried out with intent to humiliate the Armed forces. Memogate and recent initiation of a move suggesting the ascension of Baluchistan in US upper House are yet other signs of  US evil designs.   It is also observed that open contemptuous moves under a calculated plan are made to challenge and undermine the authority of Judiciary and rule of law in the country. Blanking Phase which speaks of utters misery and distrust in any society; this process is being pushed forward vigorously.   But at its parallel; there is a glimmer of hope emerging in shape of popular figure of Imran Khan which has also generated a fear among the ruling elites that although situation may be ripe to go for the subsequent phase of Doctrine of radicalization but this blanking phase might be hijacked by the new emerging power of youth movement initiated by PTI; (PakistanTehrik e Insaf) the justice party of Imran Khan. He is after a revolutionary change in society. This is seen as a dilemma that Imran Khan revolutionary awakening is other name of radicalization that basically US initiated for bringing Pakistan into her fold through the subject doctrine.   Pakistan Military forces are also finding themselves in untenable situation and as they are subjected to numerous allegations and many a cases are opened in the courts to malign and exhibit aspersion against them which may be part of blanking phase but the two new forces; the Judiciary and the freewheeling Media are emerging as yet other national saviours in Pakistan to keep a check against the evil designs.   In view of all above; the ruling government along with the opposition have joined hands together to harness the revolutionary trend spreading from Imran Khan circle; so that present status quo of Ancestral polity in the country is maintained and power does not shift to new revolutionary forces in coming elections.   Horizon seems to be much overcast and future looks very bleak. Pakistanis masses are very bravely bearing the suffrage imposed on them. They may be called the most resilient people but this can also be said that Resilience is other name of Resigning to the evil design of the oppressors which is forced upon peoples who may eventually accept it as their fate.   Ironically; this nation has taken much long time in its mould that now it must rise and bloom. Even the last of the military General Pervez Musharraf after winding all the military eras in Pakistan departed some 4 years back and left us with Arab like Spring that we may be looking for elsewhere, which we have yet to realise  and  get on with our Jobs. ***