“Loose Lips Sink Ships”

By A Khokar  June 24, 2010

Military men they  have a peculier habit that they crib a lot, use slangs extensively in day to day talks and some time even indulge in name calling too— which be taken a common practice more so by the courageous few among them. McCrystal was one of those kinds.

But; you may be sent home being loose lipped; if you are an American General.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s mistake was not indulging in — and allowing his aides to indulge in — locker room guy talk; his “mistake in judgment” was allowing a writer for the far-left, anti-war magazine, “Rolling Stone” apparently unrestricted and prolonged access to him and his aides. The World War II slogan “Loose Lips Sink Ships” which was intended to encourage Americans to keep quiet about any information pertaining to that war, could also apply to modern generals and their staffs.

I personally think that where as General Crystal conduct may not be called— as his  conduct unbecoming of a General but his punishment is something which is a kill— overdone.

His termination orders as passed by Obama do not reflect that justice has been done but most probably it is politically motivated termination.

US failure in Afghanistan is but eminent. Obama has made McCrystal a scapegoat to cover up his war follies and make use the incident to repair his personal credibility that he seems lost during his early period of turmoil and series of setbacks that America is facing at home as well as on US foreign policy front.