Looking for Media to Serve Muslims

Our modern religious history tells us that all the religious denominations have their roots source in the Middle East. The annals of other civilizations found in far off lands  also speak of the spiritual connections to the knowledge and wisdom found in this area. The Judaic, Christian or the modern day Muslims, their intellectuals have always been traveling to the springs of wisdom and enlightenment found in the civic habitat spread along the Middle Eastern rivers and they all quenched their thirst from the same streams.

But some how present day Muslims sitting around those sources seems to be unlettered, more of ignorant nature and known to be crazy and emotional; lacking perseverance and some what boorish in personal conduct. Gone are they days when people used to even remember the old days and at least could claim; Piderum sultan bood [Our ancestors used to be kings!] Time punishes the inactive people. Muslims are themselves architect of their own down fall; that after the fall of Ottoman Empire; Muslim were forced to roll back from Spain Europe and finally after a defeat in 1921 during World War I, even the seat of Muslim power Damascus also fell. Muslim ummah finding them selves fully vanquished at the hands of Christendom could not bear the humiliation. Utterly depressed; they choose to seclusion and isolate them selves from the rest of the world; into hibernation. There Came the period of late thirties; when the long atrocious World War II that it engulfed most of the Muslim world. Toward the end of it; the world wide over stretch of Allied Forces compelled all the colonial power to pack up from their colonies and revert back to their homeland. Numerous Muslim countries since subjugated by colonial powers were abruptly abandoned, thus all of them could avail a freedom…in disguise.

But in WW II, the people in the west suffered a double whammy loss; they were earlier forced to pack up from all their colonies and when they reverted back to homes in Europe, faced a tremendous blow of destruction and killings brought by Word War II. Having fully devastated they were dismayed, but they did not loose their hearts. Being the men of trade and artisan, they decided to reset their ores to recover and rebuild them selves. It was not long that their countries were up and running. We can see them ravishing the opulence and peace-n-plenty in their domains. Muslims as well as the West; they both had gone through their same ordeals but West elected to rebuild and recover, where as Muslims choose the route of repentance, in search of  their inner self and soul; the isolation from outer world to move inward and to hibernate. They looked for a refuge in contrition of their past assumed sins and preferred to stay in that state; as there were doomed by some total wrath of extinction by God like old Jews or that their would be expiration were eventually to over come them?

Ever since World War II, the world has progressed in leaps and bound. The Europe had since achieved the tremendous advancements in science, research and technology for the benefits of common man where as Muslims kept them selves aloof. By keeping them selves detached from the streams of knowledge and wisdom that they are in even today; the Muslim ummah in general is found wandering about in delusion in the valleys of ignorance, their brutal orthodoxy at its rampage; its all mayhem and anarchy at every turn of life. The valleys, where Quran has been put on some rear burners and ummah is lost in the business of self styled ‘fiqah’ and ‘Ahadis’, their  interpretation and vigorous persuasion and inert practice in the light of teachings imparted by the particular extremist factions operating with the personal worldly interest. These prctices are severely tarnishing the weaves of Islamic societies in all the Islamic countries including Pakistan. There can be found as many factions and sects  in a particular area, as many there are mosques. Each faction stands as an arch rival of the others and do not hesitate even declaring all the others as Kafirs; or out of the pale of Islam, except them selves.

Soon after the fogs of WW II were settled; the old colonial hierarchies had again started tricking back in for their revisit and to take control of old abundant colonial lands. Muslims especially in Middle East initially remained unconcerned but then it was too late for them to avert the plans of western intrusion that had now fully spread its web; subjugated and tide up the people in various bondages. The debacles like Iraq invasion followed by its full occupation. US lead forces further onslaught to occupy Afghanistan and inhalation of Iran have awakened the Muslim from a big sleep. This scenario has obviously put them in delusion and they are seen at a run in disdain? On the other hand the Muslims are purported in the western media as war mongers, claiming to have derived their emotional power from martyrdom shahadat in Jihad in the name of God and that their life and death hems on connected rewards of shahadat like beautiful eyed Hou-ris in the Hereafter.

It is a known fact that Muslims, they lack in… material resources and are unable to fully comprehend the present day deceitful western plots and conspiracies being set against them. This is era of electronic media; some how Muslim response to electronic media seems ill aimed and falls short of the requirement. Their counter actions to their subjugation by the west become so obvious that they are seen as brutal savage apaches. They need not to resort to some dubious covetous western like methods but must take appropriate befitting measures to curtail aggression of their enemies being implied against them. But pity is that they don’t have that type of resources at hand to establish some Pentagon like organization to carry out covetous operations in the land of adversaries like regime change or leaders killings. Muslim need to come on to modern lines and ought to bring about such policies equaling, ‘US- 21st Century Global Hegemonic Policy’; or the ‘Global war on terror’ etc which has duly primed and armed the western forces with an open license to kill and exterminate the adversaries at will or execute any regime change, businesses and also spend millions of dollars to cultivate and build a favorable opinion in the public, etc or create and maintain provocative agents like Israel.

Allah’s admonition is very clear on the subject [8:53] “ That is because Allah would never change a favor that He has conferred upon a people until they change their own condition,…” The open ended war on terror is allowing the killing and subjugation of innocent, defenseless people. This brutal killing is being taken as an adventure, a fun in the battle fields by the Allied Forces and western media projects it as a sacred duty being performed by the allied forces to protect the preferred western way of life at home. Islam has to come out with such electronic media which projects the positive image of Islam and be sufficiently armed with intellectual ammunition to excel and counter the onslaught of rivals.