Looking Behind the Indian Smoke Screen


By A Khokar


It was another anniversary time of 9/11 and I could feel a sense of haughtiness mixed with  joy prevalent in the corridors of White House Washington boasting the U.S. successes in Iraq war. George W Bush at his last leg of tenure in office wants to leave behind his legacy of a ‘war time successful President’. But the glow of the colours of the rainbow of this glory hanging above the horizons of Washington DC and New York; one could see were the colours, drawn invariably from the blood smeared clothes of dead and of wounds of thousands of Muslims in Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan; the blood that U.S. lead oppressing forces had spilled while subjugating the defenceless in the name of ‘War against Terrorism’.  


Terrorism is the myth cultivated in the dominion of deceit and it is left to brew in the mists of fallacy and deception. Terrorism itself is not an enemy; it is a tactics applied by the assailants. Its characters are stateless stooges created to depict the imaginary ghost like shadows. Chasing them in any kind of pursuit is like chasing the ghosts.


But the atrocities committed in the name of quelling terrorism and destruction caused in the shadowed pursuit; the extermination and maiming of thousands of defenceless innocent in Muslim lands from Middle East to Afghanistan and now in Pakistan is turning its victims into real enemy of the oppressors. There are new storms taking shape on the horizon. These storms emerging out of hatred may not be harnessed. No one may tame or harness these raging storms. Future is certainly ghastly bleak and looks very atrocious. There is devastation lurking all round us.


Having secured the foot hold in Iraq and turning it as subsidiary Luna state of US; the oppressor was finally preparing to land in for the ultimate anchorage via Afghanistan —in Pakistan; to turn this land into her formidable base. This will complete U.S. hegemonic aims and be able to check the new emerging powers; China and India as well as to see Russian confined in their own four walls. But scenario has abruptly changed. There has been a fatal crash occurred in the Economic Empires erected by Capitalism. Its sudden fall has created a chaos and is turning into defeat of western Imperialism on all fronts. U.S. as well as her allies in order to reduce the military burden on their crippled economies, they are compelled to retreat from foreign lands in Middle East. Withdrawal dates has been announced by Britain as well as USA and others.


But at the same time US does not want to loose her hold in the lands of these Economic resources that it has brought in her fold very dearly. India the new emerging power in the region has been asked to strike few deals with U.S. and become her new US proxy in the region. Pakistan, (old Proxy) a potent nuclear state and a declared front state cum ally in the war against terrorism is being seen an obstacle in the run of this deal. Pakistan is seen here sandwiched between hostile India in the East and cunning US Armed forces deployed all along its western border. The joint U.S and Indian planners say that Pakistan has to be exterminated before they move any further from here.


In the light of the strategy deals struck between U.S. and India; to defang Pakistan by debarring it of its nuclear arsenals is number one priority. U.S. as well as Indian covert actions has come in full swing to see Pakistan a destabilized and crippled state. In the first instance Pakistan ought to be declared as a Terrorist state. On the pretext of that Pakistan’s nuclear assets are seen unsafe and vulnerable to fall in terrorist hands; U.S and India would move in to denuclearize Pakistan and to break it further into pieces and disintegrate to make it a desolate impotent identity. 


As narrated earlier, unfortunately on Pakistan western border, CIA had a break through and was successful in raising an anti Pakistan movement like Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan. It has brought havoc in NWFP but owing to the timely Pak Military action; this Tehrik has reasonably been eliminated.


Success of Pak Army is a big blow to the (U.S) CIA designs and as predicted a Mumbai massacre like drama to implicate Pakistan in it was long awaited. Accordingly it did occur on 26 of November 2008 and very conveniently a Charity organization called Jammatud Dawa (JuD) a sub branch of Lasker e Taiba of Pakistan has wilfully been implicated in it.


They say that in the fields of Politics public opinion is a monster and it must be kept tamed all the time. Successful Politicians are the product of this public opinion found hailing their particular policies. Most of the times, they are seen fighting to win the opinion in their favour. This politic, especially in the run of state Election also brings up very strange phenomenon. War monger President George W Bush had the craving to leave behind a legacy of a president fighting against terrorism and U.S. home security. This was seen seated well with the American public, especially the tough actions taken by Bush administration in the name of U.S. home security. The new elect president Barrack Obama in order to get elected had also gone for same war mongering rhetoric to show him tough stance against terrorism, (like naming Pakistan as the epicentre of terrorism and dealing with it squarely) as well as proclaiming and flaunting high hopes for masses where previous government had failed.


India also has got her General Elections coming up in Early next year in 2009. Like Conservative in U.S, BJP in India is well known war mongering party. Toeing in on the U.S. lines in the run of Election as well as to take over the charge by India as new regional power in face of retreat of US; BJP party in India is all-out to go ahead to see U.S. evicted from the region and come in power in India. Practically India has already initiated an under hand  coup which is in operation against U.S. hegemonic designs in this region.


Like 9/11, Mumbai Massacre drama can also be called a master piece incident. It was well planned and very successfully executed on the lines of 9/11 by creating a dense smoke screen of Terrorism and blaming the usual suspect groups allegedly found in Pakistan. This drama is also extraordinary in the sense that right in it’s offing and in the very first instance the Indian Chief of anti Terror squad (ATS) Mr Hement Karkare who had earlier blamed BJP involvement in the previous investigations; especially in Samjhota Express incident, the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat, Ahemabad debacle, the recent killing of Christian and various other carnages; this officer along with other top investigators were successfully trapped in and killed in Mumbai attack instantly. Thus the truth became the very first causality in this massacre and BJP is now poised to avail a clean slate in Indian politics.


In the mist of illusion and smoke screen found hung in the airs; India in order to escalate the war further on Pakistan, sheepishly attempted to carry out a U.S drone like air surgical strike against so called terrorist head quarters in Pakistan. Namely Jammatud Dawa charity centre in Muridkay near Lahore and ‘2005 Earthquake help centre’ set by JuD in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir were the targets. This pre-emptive offensive was effectively averted with a lightening speed and instant response by Pakistan Air force and Indian plan went awry. India is very frustrated and Pakistan needs to be much more vigilant that India will—- strike back. It is quite likely that to highten and escalate it further a secondary terrorist attack in India may be hatched. Possible targets may be the Indian Nuclear sites in Rajasthan with a superfulous damages etc, etc.


Obviously these are difficult times to deal with such like situation for Pakistan. Pakistan does not want war but it will be thursted upon us. It is but certain that Pakistan will be attacked; politically as well as militarily but Pakistanis knows how to be stead fast and survive in such like ordeals. How much divided we may be seen and how much alluded we may look in terms of our political and economic turmoil in Pakistan. But Pakistanis are the notch above the rest. They know how to come out winning.


All the Pakistanis ought to unite and to shows their wisdom and zeal to deter the enemy. It is a difficult times out there but it all depends; how potently we hold our selves together and stand brave and united in the face of tyranny.


Pakistan knows how to live and let live. Hum Zinda Qaum hain; Painda Quam hain 


 love for all, Hatred for None.