Libya: History of Iraq is likely to be repeated here

By A  Khokar          February 21, 2011

In and around Libyan capital; Tripoli, several military Ammunition depots are destroyed by air strike in case military arms and Ammo falls in the hands of the protesters. To deter the swarming protesters trying to raid the Arms and ammo depots, the Libyan air force is also attacking the protesters and reportedly hundreds have been killed.

Libya produces some 2% of the world oil supplied to the outer world and stoppage of it from Libya has given a big setback resulting in raising the oil prices at the European markets.

In a day or two UNO will be deciding about Libya. In order to prevent the civilian in Libya from Ghadafi air force attacks on protesters; it is expected that Libya is likely to be declared a no fly zone. Western forces will be asked to comply with UNO order. Gulf war fame Lord Owen, former British foreign secretary rhetoric of ‘no fly zone’ is already circulating here in the media too.

History of Iraq is likely to be repeated here for which Ghadafi will be let live as a defiant dictator till such time Libya is finally occupied by Western forces in compliance of UNO given mandate.

Libya is a medieval tribal society divided into three main tribes. Most of the time they remain dagger drawn. In the absence of Ghadafi who was keeping them in control, it is likely that to prevent the spread of anarchy and break out of civil war— the western intrusions is but eminent. Under the pretext of safety of people and  keeping the warring tribes at bay as well as to keep the some 1.8 billion barrels a day running; after Iraq, Libya will be  transformed into another western mega base in Middle East. The ghost of old colonial empire will soon be re-visiting these lands— this time to make a space for joint Anglo-French venture.

Update; Feb 23,  2011

 Libya; Moammer Ghadafi last night speech;

With the utmost brutality that he plans to recapture the past; the Libyans no more trust him..they are looking—beyond him.