Let’s Start Afresh

By A Khokar  26 July 2009

The Larger bench of Supreme Court arranged under the auspice directions of CJP Iftikhar Muhammad Choudhary has called for an explanation of Ex-President General Pervez Musharraf that— on 3rd November 2007 when he shelved the constitution and declared a state of emergency in the country; the able Supreme Court bench thinks; it is in violation of the constitution.  In the times when this country is all out at war and Pak armed forces are busy fighting the separatist and extremist and— all efforts are being implied to keep the nation united; barging up of such an controversial issue where CJP himself is (allegedly) party to it; it amounts to adding up further anarchy in the country which is already suffering from acute pulverization.

Whereas initiation of this controversy by CJP at this juncture looks like making of a mockery of his position and authority, it has also created a distinctive divide in the society and giving them enough of ammunition especially to the Pakistani electronic and print media for mudslinging and playing of an unending blame game for the time to come.

Anyhow it may keep many more smear campaign runners busy occupied in discussing the controversies and keep opening more Pandora boxes but matter of the fact is that out there; —-may it be the Heroism of Chief justice being widely admired in certain circles for the subject sensational verdict announced against General Musharraf—- or it is General Musharraf himself who earlier stepped aside as per US given plan to give way to PPP and has now preferred to stay away and has flown out of country; or—– may it be the present government which is getting weak by hours or the so-called present opposition (PML-N) who joined the PPP to form a coalition government but after seeing the enormity of difficulties lying ahead, simply quitted PPP and ever since they are sitting on the side line or say on the fences busy criticising the present day government. But does all these exercises do hold any waters— or—- is there anything good lying in it for our beloved country—Pakistan? That is the question to ponder upon—for which our answer always may come back as a Big NO. It’s not the time for duplicity any more. In fact all these stooges happen to be the Pan of a big game of conspirators being played on our soil which is keeping this country trapped in a state of chaos since long.

But pity is that PML-N after quitting PPP—- while it is seen perched on the fences is not just sitting there idle. They are there with specific purpose. Let us say and admit it openly that PML-N who could not secure the seat of power for them in the centre is now practicing third rate methods of nihilism against PPP with the aim to undermine the PPP government and to down play them by engaging the yellow press journalists and other anchors of various TV channels that through their exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, sensationalism, or other unprofessional practices, they are all out to inculcate a belief among masses that destruction of existing political or social set up of PPP institutions is necessary and Pakistani society can only be put back on the tracks by PML-N under the popular leadership of Nawaz Sharif.

I hope we all aware of it that in Pakistan, the road to Islamabad governmental corridors and seat of power— passes via the gates of Washington. It will amount to denying the hard facts of our national political life on ground when we sheepishly try to climb up the high ladders of morality and high held primacy of Pakistan being a nuclear state and start blaming the so called military rulers for all their previous deeds. Not realising that when ever our army generals have been sending in— 111 Brigade for a coupe to moved in and climb up the Prime Minister House gates and secure a takeover, they have never been doing at their own accord. Why we simply forget that this has always been with the tacit approval and on the behest of United States and regime change has always been in compliance of Yankee diktat and on the agreed price.

Globally United States is in habit of regime changes in their targeted countries usually by coercive means. They spend a lot to get it done but unfortunately they have rarely met the desired successes anywhere. Most of the times, their plan goes awry. But in Pakistan, the Pakistanis happen to be the notch above the rest. Here US need not to have a regime change through usual CIA coercive methods or resorting to creation of unnecessary anarchy and mayhem which is normally seen spread over a long period of time. Here our armed forces have always been more than willing to give a mark swift success in carrying out such tasks and on time as per Washington dictates. It has been so easily done and without giving any hassle to the public that no US administration has ever find any flaws in it.

It may be cynical but one thing is very good that our generals they know that an ordeal of a bloody coupe often ends up very costly for the public life so they make it sure that it is a blood less operation. Our politicians’ creed is also found to be very cooperative in it. Whenever military has moved in, it has always been a simple turn over— not once but many a times.

In all this, our judiciary has invariably been playing a very positive and distinctive role. Needless to say or to give details; it will suffice to say that there has never been a single occasion when our Judiciary has failed in crowing the new dictatorial military rulers with full grandeur, pomp and show. Present Chief Justice of Supreme Court is no exception in it.

Knowing it all well; possibly how this judiciary could now come out with their verdict and single out a person like Musharraf [1]? When we all know well that in this Turkish bath all are standing —- stark naked.—- Iss Hamam main subhee tou Nangay hain.

The only way out can be that President while exercising the powers entrusted in him— declares a general amnesty for all our previous doings (Sins) including for himself. Let our past be a— buried past. Let’s repent — Close all the previous chapters—– and start afresh.

[1] Or say; nou sau choaey Billi kha key haj ko Challi