Let’s Play Ali Baba; Chalees Chor

Strange it is; there is lot of hue and cry heard against American Drone attacks. The graph of US killing by Drone attack is staggering high but our friends Taliban or Al-Qaeda has yet to bring up any effective weapon for their defence to counter attack. For Al Qaeda or Taliban … if only they had got some ’stinger’ like surface to air missiles;  their life would have been far better and less of problems for Pakistan too. This deterrent  would have reduce the destruction and US would have not dared to kill them in hundreds by Drones. The way it is being done now;  US has got free hand and is… Chun Chun ker maar rahaa hey.

Drone is a low altitude flying machine and it may be brought down with small arms fire or other anti-aircraft guns. Many incidents can be quoted where in WW II and during our 1965 and 71 wars, enemy aircrafts were brought down by small arms fire but FATA area history speaks that making the drone go down by small arms fire is close to nothing.

The alternate would be to come up with some kind of computer software or hacking process / devices to disable drones satellite programming and—– get not killed. But this all is not being done. But can’t they do some thing else to thwart the Drone attacks; for instance why not play like ‘Ali Baba and Chalees Chor’?

Reportedly the mechanism involved in Drone attacks is, that local agents called ‘Pathries’ are hired, who place the CIA supplied satellite chip next to target intended to be engaged. The chip once activated illuminates the target through satellite and then Drone is sent over to engage it. Precision at the target is managed by the live camera that Drone carries and its position is adjusted.

On the other hand, the data inflow of local Maliks and Al Qaeda or Taliban sanctuaries and their dens have grown so much advanced that by now; the US Data bank knows almost all the houses in the area as who all are the habitants in a particular house.

It takes us back to centuries old story of; Ali Baba; Chalees Chor. Ali Baba and Forty Thieves.

The practice involved was that agent of thieves who would select a house to rob a particular house would mark the house with big X mark. Thieves would come and after recognizing the sign will rob the house… but Ali Baba on seeing this practice going on, came out with a superior trick that on seeing the mark on house he would go around and mark score of other houses with X marks. The Robber on arrival after seeing so many signs would get frustrated and considering it a trap set for them would runaway empty handed.

I wonder why the local ‘Patharies’ agents operating in FATA could not be got hold of and these illuminating chip be taken from them or say made a replica of them, if not made at home let us get it made from China and possibly illuminate score of other places to frustrate the drone attackers and save lives.

There are many a Babas out there but is there any Ali Baba also?








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