Let this truth be Known

Although it is yet to be proved whether memogate scandal cooked by the personal cabinet of President Zardari for their treacherous act asking the US government to demonize Pakistani armed forces and risking the national security is true or false but it has done one thing; it has brought Pak Military, government, Judiciary and the opposition at the Altar where only truth may prevail. Some of the culprits fearing their exposure have started trembling in their paints and are seen waffling about in desperation.

The Prime Minister Gilani who is known for wearing his ever new designer dresses for every occasion. His life style and exceptionally large and expensive lay out of flowers bouquet spread on the tables and rostrums where he makes the speeches are a glimpse of his indulgence in extravagant spending. God knows how beleaguered Pakistan is paying for his so elegant designer’s dresses and extravagant life style.

Lately on 22 December 2011 at National assembly forum in his speech he declared that Military generals were conspiring against the democratic government to take over and are running a state with in state. Such baseless slanderous remarks are certainly a sheepish rhetoric of a deluded insane person trying to divert the attention of masses and hide the truth of memogate plot which is being processed in the Supreme Court in order to consider it for its due investigation and affix the possible charges of treason against the culprits.

The PM enmity against Armed forces is so carnal and visible in his daily rhetoric that he even went against the very national line taken in case of OBL presence in the Pakistan. He adversely alleged Military for hiding the facts in regard to OBL stay at Abbottabad compound for last six years.

The waffling and show of his be wilderness is sure a sign of; Chor Ki dadhi Maen Tinka

‘The news International’ editor Mr.Malick says that: ‘Instead of ensuring an incisively exhaustive and honest investigation into the memo affair, the government is now clearly bent upon exploiting it as a martyr-making opportunity. Memogate was a simple isolated incident and only warranted a circumspect investigation into serious allegations against a Pakistani ambassador. Instead, it has deliberately been blown up into a full-scale conspiracy against democracy. Which is ‘Ridiculous’?’

But probably they may not know that every dog hath a day, when cats are left only to Mew.

Earlier on PM Gilani was also heard saying that as per US Gen James Jones affidavit, the memo alleged to be initiated by Ambassador Husain Haqqani is not real and rejected it as some figment of a shady Character Mansoor Ijaz–but this James Jones affidavit loses it credibility altogether when James claims that it is a fake memo but he feels obliged to forward a known ‘fake and misconceived memo’, to Admiral Mike Mullen for his perusal?

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani has very strongly dispelled the speculations of any alleged military takeover and said that these are misleading and are being used as a bogey to divert focus from the real issues.

Gen Kiyani also emphasized that the issues of national security need to be considered on merit alone. He concluded by saying that irrespective of all other considerations, there can be no compromise on national security.

Ironically; in order to escape the accountability for their gross negligence in their governance and misappropriation of national assets; the present government is all out trying to provoke the Armed forces to draw them in to come and take over the country and the rein of government from them. This act is likely to avail them a chance by which they may escape and declare themselves the ‘martyr of democracy’.

For sure Armed forces are no more ready to come forward yet again and become a scapegoat that they in the best interest of nation should come forward to rescue the nation and bear all the brunt of loot and pilferage of national assets by this infamous government.

This would be as ‘the culprits are let to abandon the sinking ship and military is left to fight the fire.

Khaan peen nou Noor Bhari (PPP); tey Dhoun Bhannan noun Mr. Jumma




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