Let’s Start Afresh

The Pakistanis as a nation may be seen striving very hard to break the myths of despiteful feudal system that they are tied in and are wishing a change to have a democratic way of life; where government is seen of the people, by the people and for the people. Where they may relish their dreams that freedom is when people can speak, democracy is when the government listens. But other than the vices of feudal and Tribal system, people in Pakistan have also been frequently subjected to the callous and draconian dictatorship rules, imposed upon them by their own Military Forces for more than half of their life of freedom of 62 years. The perpetual tribulation and numerous distasteful set backs that country has suffered; this has resulted in a high state of delusion among masses and depletion of their senses of pride in their own country and the life they lead.

This country has always been ruled by military or by ‘military supported authoritarians’ and dictators. Unfortunately Pakistani masses know not any rebel rousing except the dictates of rulers to submit to it in obedience, as ‘dictatorship is simply one way street’, says Aristotle. This may also be yet a far cry in our country that ‘Democracy is when the indigent, and not the men of opulence, are the rulers’.

How unfortunate it is that Pakistanis were always motivated that their country is poised to serve as a strong hold of Islam; but it got split into two in 1971 in a most humiliating way, where a surrender of its Armed forces was orchestrated on the connivance of our own kiths and kin in its East wing. Later on when it came the time that masses were called upon to participate in an armed Jihad in our neighbourhood Afghanistan to dislodge infidel Soviet Union, who had come and occupied Afghanistan. A long struggle was lodged with the high hopes to see some miracles of renaissance taking shapes in favour of Islam and to embrace its lost glory. After a great hard ship and brutal fighting against a super power; Mujahideen were able to defeat the Soviets Union. Mujahideen success came as a tremendous relief in the World of Islam. The opportunity of inclusion of few more break away Muslim states of Soviet Union of Central Asia was a good amen toward forming of a bigger Islamic block. But alas; it came as a major blow to our ethical stand of Islam and Jihad; when it was revealed that this long atrocious war for Afghanistan was fought for United States America as her proxy to defeat Soviet Union and make US a sole Super power. This war was a fully paid up business. Pakistan for instance as a sole conductor of war minted huge sums and the ethical stand of Jihad was merely used as myth to befool Islamist warriors; [watnay frokhtan; wa cheh arzaan furokhtand?] The beauty of the predicament is that Mujahideen forces were simply abundant after war and Afghanistan was left to the mercy of war lords and Extremists. Rest is the history that how these Mujahideen got merged into Taliban and then were declared Terrorist; and how the western policies have since been built up around the extremism of Taliban and turned into a global dilemma of ‘War against Terrorism’ to annihilate Islam.

In the fields of religion in Pakistan one seeth that, invariably the masses are seen dithering in holding a true faith in their Holy book-Quran; Quran is left to the interpretation by its zealots only and is no more taken as a common book of guidance for the common man in the street. Quran is replaced by the dictates of ‘fiqah’ and ‘Ahadis’ with the extremist views and practices prescribed on vim. This is resulting in fragmentation of basic weaves of the society. It has created many more factions, sects following their own crafted beliefs’. There are as many factions as there are number of mosques. Various factions are pitched against each other as an arch rivals; behaving like outlandish as well as threatening to challenge the writ and rules of state; freely labelling all others as Kafirs but themselves.

Although one may point out the present achieved results in democracy as a fractious parliamentary coalition all but paralyzed by Byzantine political struggles; issue of rebellious lawyers and judges, who marched on the capital to destabilize; the oppressed and poverty stricken, deluded masses and soaring food prices and power shortages, which are threatening to trigger mass unrest and there is a war looming on our western borders.

Our society in Pakistan may be decaying and seen on its down turn but there is a glimmer of hope that at least democracy has dawned in the country and rule of law may be soon at hand. Our Armed Forces normally habitual of imposing of dictatorship now and often have finally decided to retire back to their barracks. It is a blessing in disguise and an occasion to celebrate. There is a dire need that as a reconciliatory gesture people may be moved and motivated for their true repentance and a General Amnesty for all the sinful actors that most of us we are; be declared and lets all start afresh with one goal that Pakistan Comes first.