Let’s Celebrate The New Dawn of Democracy

Surely it’s blue sky thinking on part of few placed at the hems of affairs of governing our country; simply by resorting to mocking, jeering and blaming the previous administration for the state of anarchy and mayhem found in Pakistan and hoping that it will go away simply by reinstating the deposed Judges or throwing the President Musharraf out; but these purported issues may not be the prime concerns of peoples of Pakistan today? The garb of piety, some how are being stretched too far; …to the extent that the fomenters in the seats of power are sadly seem eluded, even to look back that their own apparels are blotted, blackened and are full of holes.

After having taken oath twice under the PCO and also validating the take over by a dictator ( President Pervez Musharraf) twice; if Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Choudhary now claims that he or other retired Judges (likely to be reinstated), now stands ‘pious and holy’, because they refused to take the third time oath under last PCO; the onus in any case lies on the Judiciary and the burden does falls on the one, who willfully validated the coup of so called Military Dictator on the very first time and called that coup as legitimate. If the subject judges claim that since they have repented that they were wrong to do then and their repentance of today makes them ‘pious and holy’; then this ‘Train of Piety’ that they would like to ride should also stop at the next stations to accommodate the others; who are also seen truly repenting that they have since abundant the very notions to stay in dictatorial power or impose even more PCOs. The fairness of business demands that the credit should go to the one who against all the odds initiated the phase of renaissance and made possible the dawn of democracy ( a blessing in disguise) in our society:-

  • The One who granted the amnesty even to the known convicted plunderers and looters of this nation through a ‘National Reconciliation Order’ so that they could come over and form new government?
  • One who promised a enlighten democracy and that the most transparent elections in the history of Pakistan were held and country could embrace a true democracy.
  • One who facilitated the transfer of power to new government with out any hindrance or hesitation?
  • One who is ready to walk away that he is, since relinquished of all the powers as dictator and has handed over to the new Parliament.
  • One who has announced that he will abide by any verdict passed and given by the new Parliament i.e. through impeachment etc?
  • Credit also goes to PML-Q that they volunteered to work with a Dictator President and bore tireless efforts and at last, were able to deliver the country the fruits of True Democracy. They were successful in diverting the path of draconian dictatorship and steer it toward a real Democracy by peaceful means and they achieved it.

Although President Pervez Musharraf still holds the extra ordinary executive power of ‘clause 58(2) b’, that most of the parties are weary about. But this may not be logical to think that when he has conceded and is ‘wishing-n-watching’ the transfer of power so keenly; he will ever take some untoward actions to see his dreams perished or see his ship going down; that it took him, his utmost strenuous efforts to wade through the prevalent storms of terrorism engulfing Pakistan. In the present peculiar malignant atmosphere found in the country; all the politicians along with certain other groups of civil or judicial society, are all out in a race to grab the seat of power. They will go to any extent in mudslinging.

All the parties large or small are trying to make President Musharraf a punching bag. With out any exception their fumy exhales always start with…one word; ‘an impeachment of President’ and to see him go out defunct. Where as President is seen getting ready to step aside preferably with grace but he is keeping the card of clause 58(2)b to himself, in case he needs it to apply for his safe exit and to save guard the country to plunge into yet another phase of anarchy at the hands of new coalition partners and their purported adventurism of grab of power.

Other than the price hike in markets and scarcity or unavailability of daily essential commodities; NRO is another contentious issue that this nation has to deal with. The National Reconciliation Order was only issued for the benefit of few. Normally any reconciliation will have an element of truth as its basic ingredient. Truth must be known to the people that for what, the reconciliation is being granted? The absence of phenomenon of truth in NRO, is a wilful act to give a concealment to the known pilferers, looters and plunderers and allow them to come back home safely.

This is surely allowing a lateral entry and to facilitate them even to take over the government. The beauty of the controversial NRO is that in a way it carries Supreme Court validation also. There is no known Suo motu etc as such on the record challenging the misdeed connected with NRO. Lately the same courts who could not decide the cases of plundering of usual suspects for last so many years, surprisingly were found quick to quash all the charges after issue of NRO? Although in our little orchard, every tree branch seem infested with the operatives, perched there on executive posts with mal intent; so fruits of malice are but obvious. Matter of the fact is that we do not find anyone who does not deserve any punishment? “her shakh peh uloo (aa)betha hey; anjam e gulistaan kiya hoga”. It needs a wider reconciliation for all and we need to renew our covenant of loyalty to uphold our ‘Country First’.

On the international level we as Pakistani have got certain obligations in the war against terrorism; where Pakistan and President Musharraf are the declared allies and the President is the man of the West; the chieftain of war on terror, US President George W Bush is at the last leg in his office till January next year; US may like to see Musharraf as ally till last when US President departs; so we should know our unavoidable position being proxy that where we stand and refrain from uttering of use less, emotion charged superfluous rhetoric and better see our interests and keep our house in order.

In the wake of the dawn of true democracy in our country that finally it has arrived to embrace our country and our military has also committed to stay away from their habitual indulgence in politics. Let’s celebrate our blessings in disguise; the new dawn of democracy in Pakistan!