Lahore Attack: It is a Spent Cartridge


By A Khokar


In Pakistan we may not like the despotic Zardari regime that some how President Asif Ali Zardari came to power riding the tide of NRO, cooked up by General Musharraf to offer the late Bibi and zardari, a safe landing on the Pakistani shores and that after the sad demise of Bibi, Zardari was able to grab the seat of power. But after the 26/11, Mumbai massacre where Pakistan was implicated and his government seemingly, took a humiliating posture in order to play down the aftermath repercussion of Mumbai mallow drama.



Mumbai drama was invariably orchestrated to under mine the existence of our beloved country Pakistan but the lying low scheme of Zardari did work and a destructive war waged by our enemies against Pakistan was averted. It was a good job done, by a known bad boy.



But our enemies finding their plan gone awry did not sit idle; they were but to strike back and they did. Lahore attack on the visiting Sri Lankan cricket team is a repeat of Mumbai massacre from every possible angle.


Any how credit goes to the planner of this ambush site that Sri Lankan team that it was provided with a boxed security and it is difficult to strike any target being escorted in such a security formation. But they attacked at the round about of Liberty Chowk where owing to the chowk constraints the target (slowing down of bus on turning) had gone vulnerable and at that very moment they consecutively attacked from three sides. It is a successful and  well executed  ambush. This also leaves a big lesson and example for the people writing the military combat training ‘blue bibles’ on the subject.



We salute the courageous police stalwarts; they gave their lives. They not only saved the lives of our honourable guests but also safe guard the honour of this nation.


This nation also owes a lot to the witty driver and the police officer in charge in the bus that they were so alert and committed; they very skilfully sped away from the ambush site to the safety after attack.


There is no doubt that our beloved homeland: Pakistan is encircled by savage Hyenas from all the sides. But probably we Pakistanis can’t afford to get discouraged by such like incidents. Lahore incident is yet another, mallow drama orchestrated like Mumbai attack; but it is a— spent cartridge.



We must only know that when enemies see that we have our victory insight; they always intensifies their atrocities and strikes very vehemently. The scale of chaos and intensity of turmoil being injected in our society shows that our victory must also be closer than we think.


Pakistan is the gift of God, bestowed to the best of his chosen people— called Pakistanis. On Pakistani soil, we all walk by faith— in a Living God and not by mere worldly gains— in our sight. May Creator of this universe direct our steps!


We ought to know that our disappointments may have their seasons but God favour is for life long. All Pakistanis must shun the attitude of self pitying and walking in pressure of worries, disgust, fear and negativity.



We are praying and praying more than ever; because our tide is coming back.


Love for all, Hatred for None