KUFAR; A Novel by Tahmina Durrani

KUFAR:  A Novel by Tahmina Durrani.

Syed Ayaz Hashmi of Jamiat e Mashaikh Islam of Pakistan calls for banning this book and asks that Mst Tahmina be punished as she has committed a blasphemy by exposing the lustrous life of creed of Muslim clergy in Pakistan.


Tahmina Durrani book “Kufar” is the Urdu translation of her book ‘Blasphemy’. This book is based on the real life experiences of a young woman exposed to the Pakistani Mullah. This book shows the true face to the whole world that how the Muslim clergy exploits the simpleton Muslims masses behind the facade of Islamic religious traditions.

 Tehmina in her this latest book Kufar has virtually defrocked the mullah(moulvis). Tahmina describes how this infamous clan of religious ministers is in fact a bunch of very cunning and treacherous operators. She holds them responsible for the dire difficulties in which Muslim masses today find themselves. Tehmina has in her book revealed for the world out there as how this class of religious operators indulge in all the sort of personal sensual pleasures behind the exterior of Islam.

 She has also successfully exposed the denizens of Punjab’s dargahs and graves, who indulge in black magic and make the so-called magical talismans and other such items of sorcery. She had presented extensive tales of the misdeeds of these satanic practitioners and their wicked influence on innocent young girls and beautiful women to make them preys of their lust.

Tehmina assures that there is no exaggeration in these tales and that however farfetched they may appear to be for a casual reader, she assures the readers that the incidents described in her novel are true and they have actually taken place. The volume also has illustrations of a few instances of the male atrocious behavior toward women who are subjected to every form of adultery. Tehmina says that these men bear all kinds of blemishes. When someone is seen trying to expose them, they invariably gag them by declaring him accursed and guilty of Kufar. Thus the religious fanaticism and injustices are practiced under cover of the alleged Kufar or contempt of religion. Anyone who raises his voice against their criminal indulgence is branded as blasphemer. He is either murdered or is beaten up beyond recognition. These religious operatives are quick to issue fatwas and somehow an atmosphere is created and their spell bound ignorant followers are lead to believe as they hold and posses (Naozbillah) some upper hand over Almighty God and to bring about the desired results genie are under their spell who work for them. Tahmina believes that because the jagirdars have always been in the lead of observance of these so called Islamic rituals. In political fields whenever they acquire power they misuse it and twist and turn the religion of Islam to serve their own selfish designs.

She declares that she has found that mullahs, peers, fakirs and other apologists in Pakistan found in every form of distortion of Islam are indulging themselves in the parody of religion. Knowing it to be such that Islam forbids any exercise of force and compulsion in the name of religion which is in it an insult to Islam and it is kufar. This is real a sad side and comment on the moral perspicacity of Muslim society.

The courage displayed by Tehmina Durrani in bringing out this book commands all round respect. Truth is central and pivotal to Islam. To dismiss this book by branding it anti-Islam is in itself an insult to true Islam.

 kufar (PB) by Tehmina Durrani

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