Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa Mubarak Shaw

 By A Khokar

The bravery, honesty, and being up righteous are certainly the traits of the people of the area living in and around Khyber but Mubarak Shaw Marra:

Pakhair…..the new name of province Khyber- Pakhtunkhawa….. Mubarak shaw; which also means that now all the people of Khyber Hazara and Hindku are people of Pakhtunkhwa.

In fact Pakhtunkhawa is the name that ANP was dreaming about since long. This Year 2010 is declared by them as Bacha Khan’s year. In September previous year in a Annual Party conference ANP had passed a resolution to celebrate 2010 as Bacha Khan year and to strive to have NWFP to be part of ‘Greater Paktounistan’.

People may have seen the mega bill boards erected on the main Roads of NWFP in 2008 bearing the map of Greater Puktounistan with its boundary showing from Jalalabad to the banks of Indus River at Attock. The bill boards had also the inscription: Hakoumant say Manzoorshuda.

It is ANP———– dream come true.

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