Kasab is Pakistani: So What



By A Khokar



So what if Mr.Kasab is even proved to be from Pakistan? Any body in their individual capacity may indulge in any thing. All sorts of peoples remain busy in their nefarious activities; right from human trafficking to Narcotics smuggling and even they fell prey to enemy designs and on a paltry rewards even become traitors and may indulge in subversive activities against their own mother land. Exploitation and sabotage are the common tactics and means in use. The oppressive regimes have the greed of wealth and power in sight and they keep on exploiting the burning political issues of the targeted countries and by subversive actions induce anarchy and mayhem to destabilize and finally to see them scum to their designs.


India has a track record of history that it is shamelessly busy engaged in subversive actions in Baluchistan and is actively instigating the separatist groups also in FATA and Afghanistan.  Local hired individual or groups remain at play busy exploiting and grabbing the opportunities and are asked to be ready to hit the targets when situation become ripe.


Owing to the peculiar precarious situation of Pakistan that it finds itself trapped in Global war against Terror and is fighting this war as a front state on its western borders. Wars have the tendency of spreading like wild fires and Currently Pakistan is fighting this war in even with in its own territory.


India the arch enemy of Pakistan who has never spared any such opportunity; finding it a ripe situation very conveniently orchestrated a self inflicting drama of terror in Mumbai to implicate Pakistan in it with an aim to pinch and over run its eastern borders. Accordingly a clever plan was chalked and it turned out to be Mumbai massacre which occurred on 26 November 2008. Ten stooges are involved who carried out a rampage at some seven different targets in Mumbai. A lone surviving gunman is named as Ajmal Kasab. Indian Police has come out with the plethora of confessional statement of the surviving gunman in their investigation. This is established that this lone survivor, planted in the drama is named as Ajmal kasab who comes from Pakistan.


But other than the Indian blame game in the light of confession of the lone survivor, Mr Kasab; there are many more straight questions requiring answers, arising out of this operation. Most relevant Questions are:


  • What about all others ten culprits?


  • How did they land up in Mumbai?


  • Have we hauled up all possible other locals elements who were responsible to support their logistic and conduct of operation?


  • Possibly no one can carry arms, ammo and logistic and also put up such a furious fight for such a long period extending for three days with out local help at the target?


  • There is a colossal failure of Indian Intelligence, police and security at sea as well as on land and why were they sleeping or say made to sleep on the wheels?


  • Why Indian Media and the intellectuals are not vigorously demanding a probe in the Indian internal security failures.


  • What is the fate of Hemet Karkare investigations? Reportedly in his investigations, he was holding the terrorist groups responsible, hailed and nurtured by BJP and RSS for their many subversive savage activities against Muslims and other minorities in India?


Any how; if at all kasab is proved to be the person from Pakistan; more so, it will be the requirement of a fair investigation that he being the only surviving operative at the scene must be handed over to Pakistan; so that the groups if any operating under ground in Pakistan for such like subversive activities may also be dug out.


Reportedly; some two years back, this Kasab, actual name Mr. Ajmal Amir along with other 200 Pakistanis were hauled up by Indian authorities while on their visit to Nepal at Kathmandu. This entire group is missing with any trace except this Kasab that he has emerged as terrorist. A Solicitor from Pakistan C M Farouque is claimed to be pursuing the case with Indian and Nepali governments. Why this report be ignored and why? What about other missing 199 and that how many more Mumbai like bleak attacks–>   are in line; yet to be hatched in India?


Matter of the fact is that India is refusing to come down to the terms to put up some joint efforts to eradicate this evil of terrorism found in our region for which Pakistan is relentlessly busy and paying a heavy price since long.