It’s Time to Strike the Right Cord Now

By A Khokar      29 April 2009

There seems to be lot of confusion regarding Tehrik e Taliban-Pakistan (TTP) and it status. One is amazed to know that how a ‘copy cat’ bunch disguise as Taliban is allowed to operate along our western border especially in Dir and Swat areas– so freely. They are posing, as some medieval colonial provosts is holding the masses to ransom and forcing them into subordination through homicide, arson and violence. There is an open violent wielding and exercise of their brutish social scum seen imposed on the people in the name of religion.

But we need to know and really differentiate between the real Taliban fighting for freedom in Afghanistan against occupation of US lead NATO forces and this TTP, a copy cat (Cc;)  having filled its wind pipes of Taliban fame  in Afghanistan and roaming around here as their splinter group by stealth. They are the cunning foxes posing just like a £30000 copycat Rolls-Royce made somewhere in the dens of China with a flying lady on the bonnet, its vast classical radiator and familiar contours, it looks for all the world like a real Rolls-Royce. Like wise TTP may pose them selves the splinter group of Taliban but Taliban, they do not own these vermin.

Afghan Taliban are people whose government was deposed by US and in order to escape the tyranny of invader, most of them fled; either to the inaccessible mountainous area like Torabora with in Afghanistan, some melted away in civilian population but majority of them fled to Iran, Pakistan and other neighbouring countries of Central Asia. This Cc; Tehrik is the off spring of CIA, supported and nurtured by Mossad and RAW of India. It is raised with the aim to subdue nuclear Pakistan. To give a Talibanish flavour, reportedly the dissident of central Asia from Uzbek, even Chechnian and some Arabs are recruited on very good pay outs. This movement is primed to carry out the subversive activities by suicidal actions, bomb blasts, kidnapping of high profile personalities and to create a large scale disruptions for Pakistan government, so that amid wide spread anarchy created by them, Pakistan be sufficiently bruised and be graded as the epicentre of Terrorism.

This is to aid or say soften up the grounds to build up a pretext for US lead NATO forces, seen flexing their muscles on western Pakistani borders. These forces seems to be waiting in the wings for a green light to advance inside Pakistan in the name of quelling the terrorism and full fill the prime aim to disarm Pakistan of its nuclear arsenals in the name of security and their vulnerability. There is a special hype being created of a fear of nuclear weapons falling in the hands of terrorist.

TTP has become a highly sophisticated tool in the hands of US lead NATO forces. It is exceptionally well armed, well fed and has very well trained operatives. Seemingly CIA is satisfied with the ground works done inside Pakistan and the preparation of TTP to assist in the planned final occupation of yet another sovereign country after Iraq and Afghanistan.

The previous dictatorial government of General Pervez Musharraf is fully responsible for bringing this country to the brink of this utter disaster, when after 9/11 incident, he accepted US terms to act as front state in the US declared war against terrorism and also agreed to be an only non- NATO ally(proxy) of US out side NATO circle. But Pervez Musharraf regime was unable to comprehend the CIA plans at hand and failed to  detect or react till late that CIA had already raised a ‘Taliban copy cat movement– TTP’ in disguise of Taliban in order to dismember Pakistan and today—- we see that even Pakistan Army has to move in to kill their own people, turned traitors.

 Pak army is capable of dealing with this TTP or not; that may not be the issue. They are fully trained and are sufficiently equipped to deal with them; rather Pak army is facing a dilemma of colateral damages during their operations; where civilians also bear the brunt and suffer heavy causalities. Possibly No Army in the world could be deployed against their own people. This simply doesn’t work. Although, recently various actions were assigned to Pak army to cleanse the foreign mercenaries group, mostly Chechnian, Uzbeck and some Arabs; who for want of money and under the persuasion of CIA have allied with TTP. Reportedly this cleansing phase has since been completed successfully by the timely moves of Pak armed forces.

Presently the area where TTP has its anchorage and gained a reasonable influence through terror and violence, is area which had previously their local justice system governed by old ‘Wali e Swat’. Its justice system was although not truly in line with Islamic laws but did serve some quick justice to people. It was suspended for want of reformation by Pak government. Lately TTP created a local hype and moved the masses to put up a demand of re-establishment of old rule of Justice in the name of Sharia Law or Nizaam e Adil. Thinking that Pakistan government perusing a new enlightened Islamic law, as presently enforced in other parts of the country; may not agree to this and thus they will be able to carry on with their planned subversive activities at will to meet the ends. But for their greater surprise Pak government has agreed to have them their old local law (Nizaam e Adil)— back. This has left TTP bare handed with out any pretext to raise their arms again or do any thing untoward. Any how they are just a splinter group and only few hundreds of them in total.

Enough is enough and now is the time that Army must be asked to move in with full blast and quell any insurgency or the disturbance for good that they may create. It’s time to strike the right cords and strike hard.

It may be said that gone are the days that various lashkar movements like Lashkar e jhangvi, Tuyeba etc were allowed to operate in the country to act as the fore runners of Kashmir liberation movements, are placed now defunct. But the copy cat Taliban movement has given a new life in their circles too. They are reactivated and seen working in line with TTP. Their sails are seen filled with the winds  blowing on our western borders and are busy catching up the shadows of ‘copy cat TTP’. Lots of money is seen changing hands and these groups on a price are agreeing to act as a fore runner of TTP movement in Pakistan.. Visit any part of country these days and one can see these predators, perching and circling in flocks in white robes with turban on their heads every where. Like all the mice that they can’t resist the cheese or the sailors that they might have grown very old but can’t resist going back to sea. Some how the sea seems always calling them back—- like wise the laid off operatives of Lashkar movements are finding an opportunity to go back and  indulge in the old mysteriousness of their movements and it is nothing like it; when they are paid also. These mercenaries may do any thing for their god fathers. It seems to be there in their life cycle.

Any how we are here in this battle field, facing a savage oppressor who has come a longway to thurst a war upon us but we must bear in mind that there is no such thing called infidel business to give it a religious colour because this war is not being fought in the name of any religion or supremacy of any specific mythology. Infidel remains restricted to the religious periphery. This war is pure for the sake of creating a US, as well as western hegemony in the area which is the hub of all the future economic wars of resources of the world. It is also meant to check the Russian advances and of other new emerging powers like China and India . Entire Middle East is already occupied by US lead forces; Iraq is turned into a mega US anchorage; Hard nut , Iran is being strangulated, Afghanistan is in US occupation and Pakistan is yet another targeted country. The oppressor forces are at move and so is the resistance.

Remember when we discussed some time back that; if tomato and cucumber was the only export from Iraq ; the so called learned Laureates from the west would have not been there to teach the Iraqis the intricacy of democracy and peace. And now to our horror; we find that people in those countries are fully subjugated and their countries are—- in full occupation by the oppressors. Do we think that Pakistan may be an exception?