It’s Time That Pakistan Comes out Clean

To day Pakistan is faced with turmoil and mayhem on our western borders area along Pak-Afghan border; War is but amenant; but this war is being fought with whom;— with our own kith and kin? What is going on? May they be Baitullah Mahsud, Mangal Bagh or their any other cohorts; these stooges are simply missing their perks. Previously they were paid through Pak resources to up keep the flags of Terror in FATA to depict the area as terror breeding grounds and enable the NATO and allied forces to justify and prolong their occupational stay. They have been getting good monies. Now their master has approached them directly. Their gun is for sale as usual.

What is prevalent here; only our hypocrisy and hypocrisy and nothing else; the usual stance that these stooges want to take, is to establish some kind of sharia laws; what sharia laws? Since when, black mailing of a weak and vulnerable government, like in Pakistan and subjugation of poverty ridden people of the area, in order to extort monies, is named as sharia? As long as Pakistan does not come out clean and whole heartedly goes with the flushing out of the miscreants from its territories; no operation would see the day of its success. After every two- three days of military actions that when ever it was decided in the past against these miscreants; there are some other forces with vested interests, they will always move in to put a stop. It jeopardises the entire situation and any gains since achieved are turned into more anarchy. These cohorts emerge from there… stronger.

There are some 7 Billions inhabitants on this planet; Muslims are just about 1.7 billion; which means that 2/3 of mankinds are non-Muslims or say most of Allah’s population is non-believers- (kafirs). But they all are much more lettered and intellectuals peoples also. To do dawah and deliver the message of God and also accommodate others under the wings of mercy of Islam; the situation on the ground demands that Islam has to display it self as most secular religion and accomodative; a religion of logic, reasoning and understanding. Cliams are tall but alas; there are no such traits at display among any Muslim society,… except the brutality and the exterimism; [Play nehein dhella; tey kardee maila maila]

‘In the west; there is Islam but no Muslims; where as in Muslim World there are Muslims but Islam is seen no where’, said some time back; the grand mufti of Palestine