It’s Time; Palestinians must be Armed


By A Khokar 29 December 2008


They say: Offence is the Best Form of Defense. In Middle East survival of Palestine is not viable till Palestinian posses some real deterring means to ward off the Israeli oppression. Returning the Israeli aggression in equal coins may be the only option. Palestinian, but have to arm themselves with sufficient potent arsenals that they at least come at par (to certain degree) to their rival Israel. This will also stop the ill aimed sporadic rockets firing by Palestinian which Palestinian fire out of their desperation and it jeopardizes the atmosphere of peace between Israel and Palestinians.


Palestinians must know that in ‘Lebanon war’, Israel defense forces had no Lebanese Armed Force opposing them except a weak invisible civil resistance Hezbollah found in South Lebanon. Lebanon air space was also clear and void of any resistance. Availing a very free hand, Israeli Air force was able to play havoc. They destroyed most of the civilian infrastructure; Airports, all major bridges, public buildings, link roads, ports, petrol pumps and other civilian facilities; what ever it could was smashed. In thousand people died, almost all the casualties were the civilian.  But an odd resistance, on the Lebanon boarder, forced the most power full and an invincible ground force in the Middle East to remain bogged down for weeks. Israel western well wishers did articulate a rescue for Israel that the world saw and allotted more time to kill Hezbollah to mark it a success but it was in vain. Eventually Israeli Defense Forces retreated bruised and bleeding under the safe cover of UN. A weak but resilient force of Hezbollah and their display of true passion;  showed a new way to the tyrannized Arabs in particular and to all the resilient resistance movements around the world that nothing dares standing in the way of will power and steadfastness.


The bruised Israeli after having destroyed any thing at will; kept on looking for a one single face saving ….word; ‘Victory’; at least to turn the tide of humiliation away from her so called ‘invincible forces’: but it could not.


 War is fought between two opposing armed conventional forces. Killing of civilian, smashing their houses, public facilities, and slaughtering them on flimsy pretexts is a massacre, a cruelty and not a war.


This world is made for the survival of the fittest. It is time that Palestinian must arm them selves; not with ’sling shots’ or directing their kids to throw stones on the charging Israeli tanks but they must arm themselves to their teeth with latest weapons. To attain the command in the air space should take priority. At least they could muster some surveillance drones units to start with. Indulging into suicide bombing is act of cowardice and it is no fun being good at, in retrieving and picking the dead and maimed bodies and rushing them to hospitals after every Israeli excursion.


 God Almighty clearly admonishes Muslims in; Quran, Chapter 8 -Al-Infal: Verse 60


“And make ready for them whatever you can of armed force and of mounted pickets at the frontier, whereby you may frighten the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you know not, but Allah knows them. And whatever you spend in the way of Allah, it shall be repaid to you in full and you shall not be wronged.”


Deterrent and Deterrent is the only answer which guarantees the peace and security in our own lands as well as in our neighborhood.  The deterring arsenals must be kept ready like the way Scorpions keep their stings charged at their tails all the times. Such like show of deterrence may forbid even the arch rivals turning into adversaries. This is the best way to make peace prevail in any neighborhood and in the world at large.


Love for all, Hatred for none


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