It’s all fair in Love and War

Death of Osama Bin Laden may be big News for United States but it is not any less big news for Pakistanis too.

With No telephone connection; No internet; Believably the ailing Osama Bin Laden was let live his last days of life in his purpose built retirement home called ‘Waziristan House’ in supposedly secure civilian area, mostly occupied by retired military officers and well to do peoples, near Kakul military Academy in Abbotabad, a Cul-de-sac where life runs at a very slow pace and peacefully.

Reportedly the US-Pak relations had strained at the times when US is about to start its withdrawal in July this year from Afghanistan. Relations were hitting their rock bottom. With no victory in sight for US in this region; It was all set that US was likely to make Pakistan a scapegoat by severing all the relations of a favoured ally and abandoning Afghanistan after shifting the blames of escalation of War on Terror on to Pakistan.

Recently; after the Davis Raymond case coming to surface these relations were exceptional acerbated. There was a dire need of mending the strained relation with US; Pakistan the loyal US proxy who has suffered the most may not afford to lose US at this juncture; so Pakistan gave away the last prized trump card in hand to US; to come and pluck >>> Osama bin Laden away and make their day… to declare their well sought victory for US.

Pakistan let US do it the way US wanted to do; showing a sole US Effort to come and take Osama Bin laden away, the most wanted man in the world and they rightly did it so. The well desired jubilation in US circles is worth witnessing on this success basically orchestrated by ISI. After many decades of US humiliations that it has always suffered after every US adventure that it under took May it be Vietnam War, the two Gulf Wars or present day War on Terror, all had brought a bad name for US. Thanks to Pakistan that after a long time President Barrack Obama will now be declaring a Victory for US in Afghanistan against War on Terror.

Hats off to the great peoples of our Grand ISI; once again they have proved to be the best of all to save guard the interests of Pakistan and save the country from ditching into age of darkness that our enemy had planned for Pakistan.

Didn’t I say earlier that Pakistanis are notch above the rest? They are very much capable of turning the tables of fate; not for themselves only but for others too.

Yeh; Osama sadly made a scapegoat but is it not that situ where they say:—–All is fair in Love and War

[Roothay Piyaa ko mannaney kay leaay kuch bhi karay gaa]